Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day One-Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

I know that this blog's main focus is scrapbooking and crafting but I felt like I wanted to share a fantastic personal experience that was a year in the making and that actually took place about two months ago.

Back in January I declared 2011 the "Year of Me".  I decided to start taking care of myself both in my physical appearance and my health.  A few of the steps I've taken to do that is to set hair appointments every 8 weeks for the rest of the year as well as putting manicures and pedicures on my calendar every month.  I've joined Weight Watchers and as of today have lost 9.2 pounds and the Driver family has decided to go all organic/local/"Whole Foodish" when it comes to our food and other products we use.  One of the biggest things I did though was run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February and finish!!

I started training to run the Half Marathon in April of 2010.  By February of 2011 I was stressed out, burned out and ready to get it over with.

We left Ohio on Friday, February 25th.  We checked into the Animal Kingdom Lodge and were blown away by the fabulous Savannah View Room that we had.

 Bug-A-Boo was going out of her mind having giraffes, antelope and ostriches right outside our balcony.  She was running in between the living room and bedroom via the balcony yelling, "Mama did you see the giraffe?  Mama did you see the ostrich?"  She gave all of the animals names, Ostarita the ostrich, Geraldine the giraffe and Chewie the antelope (because it was always chewing food).

We settled into our beautiful room and then headed to the Expo to pick up our race packets.  The Expo was crazy!  The amount of people there was unbelievable.  I will definitely hand it to Disney though, they have got packet pick up down to a science.  The whole process took less than 10 minutes for both mine, Bug-A-Boo's and Prince Charming's packets.

Unfortunately, we were running late due to the buses so we ended up taking a cab for our character dinner at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian.

This would be Bug-A-Boo's first Disney Character dining experience so we thought a dinner with Cinderella would be perfect.  The dinner was good and the characters where great!   Bug-A-Boo was a little afraid of Drizella and Anastasia (Cinderella's step-sisters) but then she realized they were more silly than scary.  She was still pretty shy though but that's okay.  She would get really excited about the character after they left our table.  It was pretty funny.

It was a fun first day.  A good flight, a great room, a fun dinner and a super excited little girl!!

Tomorrow, the Disney Family and Kid Races...Bug-A-Boo is running the 100m dash!!

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  1. So much fun! I do not blame her for being scared by those sisters. They would freak me out too. Congratulations on your run!!