Thursday, October 4, 2012

Twelve pages update

I'm trying to get back into doing pages.  I was on a roll before we left for vacation in August but now I've gotten busy with other things again.  I had signed up for another class at Big Picture Classes called Multi-Photo Solutions with Aly Dosdall and it really got me inspired.  I was able to kill two birds with one class.  I used Multi-Photo Solutions as a way to get pages done for Twelve.  Since I had really slacked some months I went back and filled in where I needed.  Here are some of the pages I did in August.

I Love Halloween

I love Halloween!  It is my favorite holiday.  I love dressing up and pretending to be some character.  I think it comes from my love of performing.  The best is that Halloween is Sydney's favorite too.

I used this page for my March-Me page (bringing my March page total to 8 of 12).  I went to my category drawers Things We Do under the Holidays and Traditions tab and the Halloween/Costumes tab and found photos of me through the years in my halloween costumes.

First Responders Park

I am so proud to live in a city tat has such a beautiful park dedicated to First Responders and victims of 9/11.  The park was opened and dedicated on 9/11/10 and it is a cornerstone of the community.
This is for April-Places.  It shows First Responders Park in Old Hilliard.

Happy Easter 2012

Grandma and Grandpa Pietrzak came to visit us for Easter this year.  We all colored eggs and you 3 decorated them with stickers.  Then we had a egg hunt and you found all 42 plastic eggs.

I really like how this page for April-Holidays turned out.  I thought it would be to busy with the patterned paper in the background but I like it.

With these two pages done for April I still have 10 to go.

Slate Run Living Historical Farm

On a beautiful April morning in 2012, Syd and I decided to go to Sheep Shearing Day at Slate Run Living Farm.  We had never been there and it was a lot of fun.  Everything is done as if it were the 1800s.  The shears were hand-cranked and the chores were hard.

This was a fun day and a fun page.  I'm using it as May-Places, which only leaves me 11 more pages to do for May.

Swamp Things

As part of our Metro Parks tour this summer (2012) we went to the Honda Wetlands Center.  The girls had a great time on a scavenger hunt and fishing for Swamp Things.

Bug-A-Boo and I met her friend at a Metro Park this summer for a fun program called Swamp Things.  They had a great time at our June-Places (again, leaving me with 11 pages to go for June)

So here is the update page count for Twelve...

January:  4 of 12
February:  9 of 12
March:  8 of 12
April:  2 of 12
May:  1 of 12
June:  1 of 12
July:  12 of 12
August: 0 of 12
September:  0 of 12

In all fairness I did complete an 8x8 album of our New York trip this March as well as a two volume 12x12 set from our trip to Disney World in September of 2011.

Now that Bug-A-Boo is in school all day I'm hoping to get some more done.

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