Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm On A Roll

One of the things I wanted to accomplish in this New Year was to focus on me (I don't like to say New Year's Resolution because nobody ever sticks to those).   The "outer" me (my appearance), the "inner" me (my overall physical health) and the "creative" me (which equals a mentally healthy me).

Well after only one month, I am on a roll.  I got my haircut and I already have an appointment to get it maintained.  I only have four more weeks until my Half Marathon at Disney World and creatively I am most definitely on a roll.

I started the year taking Darci Dowdle's Decorate Life class at Big Picture Classes and got 14 layouts done and a mini-album.  While taking the class I also worked on some of my own personal scrapbooking.  Since I know that in September of this year we will be taking Bug-A-Boo to Walt Disney World for the first time I want to be sure to have all of my pending projects done.  Why would I undertake such a thing you ask?  Well, I know myself and I know that I will probably end up with thousands of pictures of that first amazing trip to Disney and working on that theme album(s) is going to be an enormous undertaking and I want to be able to creatively focus on nothing but that.

So here is my list of theme albums and other projects I want to complete before that September trip:

1.  2009 California Anniversary Trip
2.  2010 Lexington, MI beach vacation
3.  a book about our Kady
4.  a book about our Josie
5.  a book about my running experience, including the Half-Marathon and the days at Disney surrounding it.
6.  a book of the parties I've hosted
7.  a favorite recipes project
8.  the Decorate Life bonus mini album - Ornaments of Ordinary Life
9.  Bug-A-Boo's 3rd birthday to add to our birthday book

Seems like a lot, I know but get this... I've already finished four of these.

#6:  My Party Planning Book was almost completed to begin with, so I was able to finish that off pretty easily.

#8:  The Decorate Life bonus mini-album, Ornaments of Ordinary Life, was also a pretty easy project to complete during an afternoon naptime.

#9:  Bug-A-Boo's 3rd birthday took a little more time since I had a lot of photos, but I adapted several layouts from past birthdays and it was kind of easy and quick.

#2:  The last of the projects that I've completed was our 2010 Lexington, MI beach vacation.  Again, I had a lot of photos from this fun little 5 day trip and since I didn't have a lot of money in my budget to buy supplies I decided to use my stash.  By using my stash I was able to use an idea that I got from my Scrapbooking Guru, Stacy Julian...the PAS-Photo Album Scrapbook (more to come on this in a separate post). It was so much fun and so easy and quick to do.  I will definitely be doing more of these types of books, in fact I think I will be using the PAS (only in a 12x12 size) for our 2009 California trip.

Look for future posts to highlight each of these completed projects.

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