Monday, December 26, 2011

12 Days of Christmas-Day 10

Today is about the process of buying and wrapping the gifts of the holiday and how much fun you can have with all the fun materials.  The teacher is Wendy Smedley and this is one of my favorite Christmas things.  All of the gifts under the tree.  The final product of all the shopping and fun!

Photo Prompt: 
Your assignment is two-fold:
  1. Take a photo of your wrapped presents and your stash of wrapping paper, or someone wrapping presents. I used one landscape oriented 4" x 6" photo which I trimmed down slightly to about 3" x 6". 
  2. Gather small scraps of your favorite wrapping paper and trim to place in your supply envelope.

I decided to use a photo from 2010 that I was able to acquire when I purchased a photo package when Sydney met Santa.  This is probably one of her favorite photos ever!  Santa...BUSTED!

Gather the following additional supplies:

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