Saturday, December 17, 2011

12 Days of Christmas -Day 5

The teacher today is Tami Morrison and this is a pretty fun assignment.

Photo Prompt: 
Your assignment today is to choose a lyric or title from a favorite holiday song and keep it in mind during your December festivities, snapping two photos to illustrate it. You'll need one 4" x 6" horizontal photo, and one 3" x 4" vertical photo.
Here are just a few examples to get your sleigh bells jingling…I hope your ideas snowball from here!
  • Baby it's cold outside - snow photos, people bundled up
  • Voices singing let's be jolly - caroling 
  • Hip hip hooray for Christmas vacation - kids enjoying their school break
  • It's Christmas time in the city - decorations around your town
  • Have a cup of cheer - cocoa, eggnog, or your favorite Starbucks holiday beverage

    I chose to use this series of photos from a family photo session back in 2008.  I will be using the lyric, "Christmas is the time to say, I Love You" from the Billy Squire song. 

    Gather the following supplies:

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