Sunday, September 26, 2010


I love the idea of a blog.  I have a blog.  Actually, I have two blogs.  The only problem I have is making the time to update them.  The blog I currently use, The Driver's Manual, is done using iWeb on my Mac and it just seems so labor intensive.

I love this blog but I often wonder if I've just made it TOO MUCH, you know?  Right now it has seven tabs that I originally updated at least on a monthly basis.  I have the Chief Executive Mom, The Kitchen (recipes and party photos), My Office (scrapbooking projects), The Library (book reviews), Vacation Time (vacation photos and journals), a tab all about my daughter and Kelly's Blog (random stuff).

I think maybe I just need to pick one and go with it.

I think I choose Scrapbooking!

There are several blogs out there that inspire me and that I would love to emulate.   In the meantime I'm just going to think about what I want this blog to be and go from there.

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