Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cork Collection

Prince Charming and I love it when for a special occasion or while on vacation we can enjoy a great meal paired with great wine.  Over the seven years we have been married we have enjoyed many of these meals.  Being the scrapbooker that I am I always keep the cork's from the bottles.  You know, to use as memorabilia.

After we would finish a bottle I would write the place, date and occasion (if it would all fit) on the cork and  put it in a ziploc bag in my memorabilia box.

I have corks from anniversary dinners, our Italy trip, our honeymoon and many more.  These corks had been sitting in that bag for years just waiting for me to figure out a way to use them.

Recently, when we decorated our family room I finally got an idea on how to display them.  I had a decorative dish that had been a gift years before from a good friend that had never been unpacked when we moved into our house.   I also had a three wick orange candle that would look perfect on the dish.  I found both in a box in the crawl space and set them on a table in the family room.  Then I grabbed my bag of corks and... VIOLA!

Just another idea on how to "scrapbook" and share your memories in an untraditional way.

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