Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Beginnings of an Epic

In order to make sure that I could give Bug-A-Boo the greatest Harry Potter birthday party ever I had to do a lot of research.

I am a huge Harry Potter fan so I already knew a lot of what I needed.  Actually, I am a total Harry Potter geek (and proud of it).  Bug-A-Boo and I had already read books 1-3 and were starting book 4 so I was able to remember a lot of information.  We were also watching the movies as we finished the books and I had been doing a lot of searching online and on Pinterest.

I found a plethora of information and weeded through it all until I found ideas or came up with new ones that would work for our party.  I started working on a plan and figuring out what I could buy, what I could make and how to implement it all.

This list became my "bible".  I referred to it almost every day while planning this party.  Without it I don't think I could have gotten it done.  Here are my party ideas:

Harry Potter party ideas


-Hogwarts Acceptance Letter, List of supplies for first years, Hogsmeade Permission Slip and Hogwarts Express train ticket.  Hand deliver by “owl post” (white helium balloon with owl drawn on it).

Supplies needed:  paper, white envelopes, circle stickers for wax seal, white balloons filled with helium, white string, black marker

The driveway will be Diagon Alley where the kids will “shop” for their supplies

-Lampost signs:  Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, Hogwarts, Kings Cross Station

Supplies needed:  foam core, cardstock, cricut, adhesive, duck tape

Gringotts:  The kids will fill out little withdrawal tickets and will receive a small bag of gold galleons to buy their supplies. 

Supplies needed:  Table for display (Mamaw’s gold table in basement), gold coins (Party City), measuring scales* (see pinterest for instructions on how to make one), canvas bags (Michaels), Gringott’s logo for bags, iron-on printer paper, foam core for sign, artwork for Gringotts sign.

*if no measuring scales then use fancy pen and some kind of ledger book.

Madame Malkin’s Robes:  With possibly 10 or more kids coming I don’t want to blow the budget on robes.  Robes will be made from Men’s L or XL black t-shirts cut up the middle.

Supplies needed:  Trunk to display robes (my black trunk from the basement), Men’s XL black t-shirt, foam core for sign, artwork for Madame Malkin’s Robes sign, tape to attach sign to trunk.

Potage’s Cauldron Shop:  The kids will stop at Potage’s Cauldron Shop next and get a cauldron to carry everything in.

Supplies:  Table for display (Mamaw’s small folding table), foam core for sign, artwork for Potage’s Cauldron Shop sign, cauldron for each kid.

Ollivander’s Wands:  Use Sydney’s light up goblet from Disney World.  Put the wands in the goblet.  If the cup holding all the wands lights up, then the child selected the wand that was meant for them.  Hit the button on bottom of goblet to light it up.  Once the wand chooses the wizard present a box for keeping it in.

Supplies:  Table for display (black desk from basement), foam core for sign, artwork for Ollivander’s sign, stand to display sign, poster board for boxes, quilt batting for boxes, fabric for boxes, box labels, wand number labels, 5/16” dowels, hot glue gun, hot glue, paints in browns, wand description cards, ribbon to attach description cards,“Your Wand and You” booklet.

Flourish & Blotts (books):  The kids will pick up their Lesson Books from Flourish & Blotts.  Inside the book will be the student’s schedule and class worksheets.

Supplies:  Table for display (Mamaw’s round glass top table in crawl space), foam core for sign, artwork for Flourish & Blotts sign, stand to display sign (use Sydney’s small painting easel) books for the display, Standard Lessons (Grade 1) book

Scrivenshaft’s (quills):  The kids can get their re-inking quills to complete their lessons

Supplies:  Table for display (Mamaw’s round glass top table in crawl space), foam core for sign, artwork for Scrivenshaft’s Quill Shop sign, books for the display, Feathers (either real or paper) for the quills, pens with removable parts

Eeylops Owl Emporium:  The kids will make either an owl, cat or toad to take with them.

Supplies:  Table for display and craft w/ the green fabric table covering (dollhouse card table), small bird cage with “Owley” in it, Crookshanks, foam core for sign, artwork for Eeylops Owl Emporium sign, toilet paper rolls, glue sticks (Girl Scout Stash), tape, black marker, ziploc bags to hold supplies for individual crafts.
For Frogs:  pre-cut green construction paper, goggly eyes
For Cats:  pre-cut black construction paper, pre-cut pink paper, pre-cut white paper, goggly eyes 
For Owls:  white cupcake liners, pre-cut white card stock, pre-cut orange paper, goggly eyes 

After Diagon Alley the kids will go through the garage, into the house and the sliding deck doors and the inside of the house will be King’s Cross Station.  I will hang the brick backdrop in front of the sliding doors and the kids will walk through it onto the deck and Hogwarts. 

Decorations for Platform 9-3/4
Vintage suitcases, Sydney’s broom, Sydney’s birdcage with Hedwig in it, Sydney’s trunk, a frame to hang brick wallpaper from to create the barrier that the kids will run through, Platform 9-3/4 sign.

Supplies:  3 vintage suitcases, 2 small trunks, Sydney’s trunk filled with stuff, cage with Hedwig, Sydney’s broom, brick wallpaper, foam core for sign, artwork for 9-3/4 sign, punch for punching tickets,

The backyard will be Hogwarts and we will have several classrooms set up for each different activity.

-Sorting Hat:  Place the table on the upper level of the deck under the gazebo.  See if I can borrow a sorting hat (if not make one using instructions in Harry Potter Party book).  Make buttons (like I did for the BRAVE party) with the house crest on them and attach a card with the attributes of each house on it.  On the back of each pin I will randomly write a Quidditch position.  This will then be there position during the game.  Before starting the sorting read the Sorting Hat poem aloud.  Call each child up to the stool.  As the hat is on the child’s head have them pick a button from a cauldron and that is their house.  It will be random.

Supplies:  Table for display (Mamaw’s dining table), red table cloth, stool for kids to sit on (bar stool), Sorting Hat, Sorting Hat poem, buttons with house crests, cards with attributes of each house, cauldron, house color pennants.

Classroom:  Use the deck table for the main class table (Don’t worry about chairs.  The kids can stand).  Cover with a black table cloth.

-History of Magic:  A quick class where we briefly read and discuss a bit about wands.
Supplies:  Lesson Book, wands

-Spells & Charms:  The students use their quills and books and match the correct spell or charm with what they do.  Also, since most of the kids won’t know what the spells & charms are we will make Friendship Bracelets using embroidery thread and letter “Charms” that they will “Spell” their names with.  I will also tell them about the Expecto Patronum ‘Spell” that they will need to use during Defense Against the Dark Arts class.  I have made bookmarks that has the explanation to the question “What is a Patronus?” on one side and an Animal Patronus and it’s symbolic meaning on the other side.  I have little “Charms” of the animals that will be attached to the bookmark and each girl will chose one randomly out of a bag.

Supplies:  Lesson Book, quills, embroidery thread, letter charms, animal charms, bookmarks, ribbon for bookmarks, bag 

-Transfiguration:  Each student receives some Playdoh and has a list of items to try and transfigure into different things.

Supplies:  a container of Playdoh for each kid, Transfiguration putty artwork, labels for Transfiguration putty.

-Care of Magical Creatures:  Hide plastic eggs with small dragon toys inside of them through out the back yard for the kids to find.  Once they find them they will go to Hagrid’s Hut (the playhouse) and put them in a fiery cauldron to hatch while we read about how to care for baby dragons.  Use some rocks to create a fire pit near Hagrid’s Hut.  Sit around the fire and read from the lesson book.

Supplies:  plastic eggs, little dragon toys, rocks to make pit, cauldron, orange and yellow tissue paper to make fire.

-Divination:  Set up class on the upper level of the deck in the corner.  Create a crystal ball by taking a Magic 8 Ball toy and paint it with silver glitter spray paint.  Have “Unfogging the Future” book on the table along with Prof. Trelawney’s glasses and a tea cup with tea leaves on the bottom for display.  Have the kids write down a couple of questions and then ask the crystal ball for the answer.
Supplies:  Table for crystal ball (Sydney’s white table), blue table cloth, Magic 8 Ball, silver glitter spray paint, use silver gravy boat base as a stand for crystal ball, Unfogging the Future book artwork, book, magnified eye glasses, tea cup and saucer with tea leaves.

-Potions:  Use a white 6’ long table under the pop up tent.  Cover with a black table cloth.  In the center of the table have the potions displayed.
Supplies:  6’ Table, black table cloth, books for display, Advanced Potion Book for display, 3 glass bottles with corks or screw tops, 1 jar for the dog treats (use clear ice bucket that stirrers are in), labels for the bottles, Baby Oil-Aconite Fluid, Water-Baskilisk Venom (use our large, empty, glass liquor bottle), Licorice like dog treats - Mandrake Root, Red Food Coloring-Dragon Blood, silver glitter-Unicorn Horn Powder, Alka Seltzer tablets-Runespoor Eggs, chargers to use as trays for each student, ball jars to mix potion in, labels for ball jars, small individual bottles with ingredients for each student?

-Herbology:  Use a white 6’ long table under the pop up tent. Use Dragon Dung (potting soil) and plant Fanged Geranium (venus fly trap) seeds in a little pot or cup to take home. 

Supplies:  Table for display and working (6’ table), cover with burlap or course fabric,  a celeriac root to look like a Mandrake plant, earmuffs for display, pots for display, potting soil, venus flytrap seeds, small (cheap) terracotta or plastic pots/drip pans for each student*, artwork for seed packets, actual venus fly trap plant for display.

*If I can’t find cheap pots then use cups

-Defense Against the Dark Arts:  The kids will learn about Dementors and the Patronus Charm to protect themselves.  Afters we are done talking we will head over to the trees in the back of the yard for some practice.  Oh no!  A Dementor is waiting for us.  The kids will have a large wand and will practice hitting the Dementor and saying “Expecto Patronum”.

Supplies:  Piñata, chocolate for piñata, contractor bag to make Dementor Cloak, rope to hang Dementor from tree, baseball bat.

-Astronomy:  We will go back to our main classroom area for this class.  The kids will make a constellation wheel for this class. 

Supplies:  glue, black construction paper,scissors, toilet paper tubes, the wheel printout on card stock, toothpicks, metal brads.

After all the classes are over we will have cake in the dining room which will be turned into the great hall.

I would like to close the pub off from the dining room.  I think I’ll use the castle wall paper I order from Amazon.  Also would like to have candles floating from the ceiling.  Not sure if this is possible, I can also use white christmas lights.  I would like to have the house banners hanging as well.  The kids will enjoy cake and ice cream.  While they are eating we will pass out their OWL results.

Food & Beverage
-“Happee Birthdae Sydney” cake (chocolate cake with pink frosting and green writing).  Tell the kids Hagrid stopped by with a cake for Sydney and that he apologized that he couldn’t stay but he had some Hogwarts business to attend to.  Also, tell them he apologized because he may have sat on the cake at some point, but it’ll taste all right.  Pumpkin Juice for the beverage.

Supplies:  Black table cloth, gold plates, red cups, plastic forks, napkins

-O.W.L. Results for each student

Supplies:  Parchment for printing, OWL result page that will be customized, red ribbon to tie scroll

Since all the students passed their exams they are able to play a match of Quidditch.  We will use the backyard as the Quidditch pitch.

The Game
Each kid will get a broom that I will make out of wooden dowels, raffia and craft grass. We will have a “hoop” goal at each end of the yard.  Have the kids look on the back of their house badges to see what position they will play.  
Team 1:  Gryffindor/Ravenclaw-1 Keeper, 1 Seeker, 2 Beaters, 2 Chasers
Team 2:  Slytherin/Hufflepuff-1 Keeper, 1 Seeker, 2 Beaters, 2 Chasers
Brooms must stay between legs at all times.  The referee will throw the Quaffle up and only the Chasers can get it.  The Chasers can run with the ball and pass it to another Chaser.  The Chasers must try to throw the Quaffle through the hoop.  Each Beater will be given a small, soft Bludger.  The Beaters can throw the Bludger at the Chasers.  If a Chaser gets hit with the Bludger they must freeze, drop the Quaffle and count to 10 before moving again.  If the Beater misses they retrieve their Bludger and try again.

Tom will be the Golden Snitch.  I will make a Golden Snitch out of a gold golf ball (one of Sydney’s toy golf balls) and some yellow feathers.  The snitch will then be attached to a “flag” that Tom will stick in a pocket.  At some point in the game Tom will enter the pitch and start running around.  The Seekers will have to chase him and grab the flag with the snitch on it to win the game.

Supplies:  wooded dowels, raffia, Sydney’s princess ball (quaffle), 4 small, soft balls (bludgers), 1 golf ball, gold paint, yellow feathers for wings, 2 hula hoops, 2 tall pieces of wood for stakes for the hula hoops, flag to attach snitch to.

After Quidditch we’ll go back into the house by walking around the side yard (side with the playset) to the the front door which will lead to Hogsmeade Village.  The pub will serve as the Three Broomsticks were we will enjoy some ButterBeer and Sydney can open her presents.  The closet cove will be cleared out and be turned into Honeydukes so that as kids leave via the front door they can shop at Honeydukes for candy which will be their favor.  The little black table will be Weasley’s Wizarding Weezes where they can get the rest of their favor.


Three Broomsticks:  After Quidditch the kids will need to cool off and get some refreshments.  We will head to the Three Broomsticks for Butterbeer and gifts.  Using the 3 broomsticks and lantern from the grill gazebo I will make the entrance to the pub.  The buffet table will be cleared off and a Butterbeer barrel will be on it along with “beer” mugs for each kid.  While enjoying the butter beer Sydney can open her gifts.

Supplies:  3 broomsticks, lantern, Butterbeer recipe, large drink dispenser, “beer”mugs, foam core board, tan acrylic paint, brown acrylic paint, 3 brown poster boards, hot glue gun, glue gun sticks, gold spray paint, (2) 2-liter of cream soda, Butter extract, Rum Extract, (2) 7-oz containers of marshmallow creme, 2 cups whipping cream

Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes:  The kids will stop at WWW to get Weasley’s Wonderous Wands, Extendable Ears and HP Glasses from the famous joke shop.  The entry table will serve as the shop.  Use artwork from different products to cover the “Photo Tree” that hangs on the wall above the table and cover peacock painting with Proclamaiton No. 98

Supplies:  Table for display (black hallway table), Proclamation No. 98, sparklers, Weasley’s Wonderous Wands artwork, product artwork

Honeydukes:  Last but not least is Honeydukes.  I plan on emptying out the closet cove and creating Honeydukes in the closet.  Each kid can grab a bag and go shopping as part of their favor.

Supplies:  Table for display (4’ blue table), white table covering, Honeydukes sign artwork, foam core for sign, bags to hold candy, Honeydukes logo for bags, glass canisters to display candy, suckers, acid pop label, Jelly Belly beans, Every Flavour Beans box artwork, frog mold, chocolate frog box artwork, melting chocolate, bee mold, pop rocks, Fizzing Whizzbee artwork, candy bags, gummy worms, jelly slug artwork, Almond Roca toffee candy, toffee artwork.
Featured Candy:
-Acid Pops:  suckers (tags)
-Jelly Slugs:  Gummy worms (label)
-Ton Tongue Toffee:   Almond Roca toffee candy (label)
-Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans:  Jelly Belly’s (boxes)
-Chocolate Frogs:  melting chocolate with frog mold (boxes)
-Fizzing Whizzbees:  chocolate with bee mold and pop rocks (bag)

Thank You Notes
-A Marauder’s Map with a thank you message

Supplies needed:  parchment paper, small invitation sized white envelopes, circle stickers for wax seal, Marauder’s Map Print Out, Thank you written on the back.


Diagon Alley shops will be in the garage.

Garage/House door with be Platform 9-3/4.

Sorting Ceremony with happen in the living room.

Dining Room with be the Great Hall/Classroom.  The china cabinets will have all the decorations for the different classes.
-History of Magic
-Spells & Charms
-Care of Magical Creatures:  eggs will be hidden throughout the house, cauldron will be at the fireplace
-Divination:  small moon table in Dining Room
-Defense Against the Dark Arts:  not sure yet

Dining Room will be Great Hall for cake.

Instead of Quidditch have some other kind of craft or game.

Three Broomsticks and Hogmeade will stay the same.

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