Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Invitation Acceptance Letter

I wanted the invitations to be like the Hogwarts acceptance letter that are featured in the books and movies.
We created out guest list and I started figuring out the right language for the letter.  I also downloaded the Acceptance Letter font for free.  
I gathered the elements I needed:  Hogwarts logo and Professor M. McGonagall's signature.

Once I had the font and had looked up the original acceptance letter in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone I created the Invitation Acceptance Letter.

After I had the invitation done I pretty much just copied the supply list from the book.

Next I looked online and found the wording for the Hogsmeade Village permission form.

Next I looked for a really good copy of the Hogwarts Express ticket.

Once I had all of these elements created I packaged them all in envelopes and using clear labels I printed the addresses of our guests and adhered them to the envelopes.  I made them look like Harry's envelope, even finding out the location of some of the guests bedrooms in their homes.

I had wanted the invitations to look as authentic  as possible so I bought some red sealing wax and a stamp with the letter "H" on it and sealed the envelopes with sealing wax.  Because of this we could not send the letters through the mail so we decided to hand deliver them.  

I got a helium tank and some white balloons.  We blew them up and tied the invitations to the balloons with a string.  I then drew an owl onto the balloons and Bug-A-Boo and I hand delivered all 11 invitations.  Most of the kids were home and we handed it right to them but if no one was home we figured out a way to secured the balloon so it wouldn't blow away.

Everyone loved their invitations and we had a great time delivering them.

If you would like to purchase the digital files for the invitation letter, train ticket, the supply list and the Hogsmeade permission slip please PayPal $6.00 to kellyldriver@yahoo.com. 

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