Monday, May 4, 2015

Brownie Outing: Dancer Skill Building Badge

Since our Brownie Quest Journey is all about healthy eating and lifestyles I thought that this would be the perfect time to work in the Dancer Skill Building Badge and talk to the girls about dancing as exercise.

Since one of our Leaders takes ballet and her older daughter is an Irish Step dancer we figured they could run a little workshop for the girls to complete the steps for the Dancer badge.  I reserved a large room at our branch of the public library and we had the workshop there.

Step 1:  Warm up and get moving

Step 2:  Try a new dance
The girls learned a little bit about the history of Irish Step dance and learned some steps.

learning about the Irish Step dancer's dress
Step 3:  Take to the floor like a dancer
The girls learned the 5 positions of ballet as well as the ballet carriage and bow.

Step 4:  Make up your own dance
Step 5:  Show your move

We played some different styles of music (ie.  country, folk, rock-n-roll and modern favorites) and the girls did their own little dances and then had a dance party.

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