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HPSC, Week 1: Welcome To Hogwarts

Week One:  May 29-June 2

We started out first week of camp on Memorial Day.  Bug-a-Boo had gathered her supplies and the House Elves transported her trunk, broom and Hedwig to the Hogwarts annex in our basement.
Summer Session Letter

Supply List


We unpacked all of our supplies and set up a work table for all of our activities.  The first thing we did was put our Summer Session binders together.  I had gotten us each a binder and 12 dividers that had each weeks class on it.  Then we assembled the binders with all of the handouts that I created for each class.  This way everything we needed was in one place.

I printed out a coloring sheet of the Hogwarts crest for the covers and we had fun coloring and decorating the cover sheet.

Coloring page for binder cover

The handouts for Day 1 were All About Magical Me and My Wizard Hat.  The majority of the handouts I found on Scribd and were the creations of Sherry Schmidt Ellison.   For most of the handouts I decided to make my own based on her ideas and designs but a little more customized for us.  If you don't want to bother doing that the Scribd is a great source for the worksheets.


All About Magical Me worksheet
Design your wizard's hat worksheet

After filling in the All About Magical Me worksheet we went over to the Bloomsbury website where we played with the Harry Potter Name Generator.  Bug-A-Boo's Harry Potter name was Susan Delacour and mine was Katie Dumbledore.  We added out names to the worksheet and then went to the same website to take a quiz to find out who our Hogwarts Best Friend would be.  Bug-A-Boo's was Ginny Weasley and mine was Harry Potter.

Last, but not least,  I introduced Bug-a-Boo to the craft of Latch Hook.   Since you cannot purchase a pre-made Harry Potter latch hook kit I had to create my own.  I found a pattern on Pinterest and started researching how to get supplies.

Latch Hook pattern

I went to Michaels and got the Latch Hook Canvas and tool.  Then it was a matter of the yarn.  I did not feel like cutting my own yard so I found a website that sells pre-cut yarn at a very reasonable price.  Everything Latch Hook has become my go-to for the yarn for this project.  The hardest part was selecting the correct colors and determining how much we would need for two rugs.  

We started working on the latch hooks and Bug-A-Boo loves it!  I planned this craft to last us most of the summer and it's a great thing to suggest she works on when she says she is bored (which, with all this planning she better not be bored)!  LOL!

Day 1 latch hook progress


No camp activities today because Bug-A-Boo will be at a party.


We will be making a visit to Ollivander's Wand Shop and using a worksheet to help us design and create our wands.  Earlier this Spring Bug-A-Boo found a beautiful walking stick (or staff as she likes to call it) while walking our dog, Luna.  She brought it home and stripped it of most if it's bark and decided she wanted to decorate that instead of a wand.  We both filled out our worksheets and talked about the supplies we would need to go and get tomorrow.

My Wand/Staff worksheet
Also, on the schedule today was a viewing of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone while we worked on our latch hook project.

Day 3 latch hook progress


Today we will be incorporating some of those Girl Scout badge requirements.  Today we are going to start working on the Junior Digital Photography badge by completing Step 1, Learn about digital cameras from an expert.  Now I am not an expert but Bug-A-Boo recently participated in a Girl Scout program at Franklin Park Conservatory where they had a professional artist/photographer talk to the girls about how to use an iPhone/iPad as a camera and she showed them all kinds of interesting tips.  I figured that I would show her how to use the digital camera that our family has and allow her to use it all summer to document our experiences.

She enjoyed playing around with the camera and taking pictures of her beloved Luna.

We went shopping for supplies to decorate our wand and staff.  Ribbons, flowers and gems.  Sydney had so much fun decorating her staff.

Our supplies

The finished staff

The handle.  All that's missing is a crystal that we will add next week.

Hanging bells

Flowers and gems

More flowers and gems

My wand

Close up of the handle
Next week in Charms class we will be learning about crystals and their properties.  Bug-a-Boo wants to get a crystal and wire wrap it to the top of the staff.  Check back next week for the completed staff.

Another ongoing component of camp will be the reading of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Illustrated Edition.  We have read the entire series and are now re-reading the books as they come out in the Illustrated Editions, which by the way are absolutely gorgeous!  She got the book for Christmas and we will start reading it today.

Illustrated Edition
We also continued working on our Latch Hook!!


Most Friday's will be set aside for field trips but there are a few trips that we have to take on the weekend because of the operating hours of the location.  This is one of those Friday's.  Instead of a field trip we will be working on getting pieces together in order to create our weekly edition of The Daily Prophet.

This week's writing assignment is to write about the week and answer the question "What Career Would You Like to Have in the Wizarding World."  I created a worksheet with some examples and have provided extra paper as well.  Once we are finished writing I plan on taking the pieces and formatting them to create a Daily Prophet that Hedwig will deliver on Monday morning.  You can see the Daily Prophet we create each Monday.

My Wizard Career worksheet
As always we will work on our Latch Hook if we feel like it.


This weekend we are going to be visiting Hogsmeade Station or the Ohio Railway Museum.  They are only opened on Sunday from 12pm-4pm.  We had a lot of fun at the museum and really enjoyed the short but fun train ride.

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