Monday, June 12, 2017

HPSC: Week 2, Charms

Week Two:  June 5-9

As our second week of camp begins we explore Charms.  We are taking a different approach to Charms, we are coming at it from the angle of jewelry, crystals and gems.  


On Monday morning Bug-a-Boo received a morning owl bringing her the Summer Edition of The Daily Prophet (which is actually going to be a Weekly subscription).
Hedwig delivers the Daily Prophet

Page 1

Page 2

We also learned about gemstones and crystals and their different properties.  After reading about the different crystals and talking about their meanings and uses we made a trip to two different stores in search of supplies.

The first store we went to was Tropical Trends where we found some amethyst and rose quartz to add to Bug-A-Boo's staff and she got some incense and candles thanks to a gift card from Grandma and Grandpa.  Next we headed to Blessed Be Spiritual Shop where she found the perfect rose quartz to wire wrap to make her pendulum.

Next we learned about the different tools used to make jewelry.  We got a 3-plier set of tools at Michaels along with some wire and other items.  In order to earn her Junior Jeweler badge for Girl Scouts she needed to complete Step #1 which is to learn about the tools for jewelry making.

We learned how to do a really cool wire wrap from watching this You Tube video.  It took us several tries and some frustration but we finally did it.  Bug-A-Boo's came out great!  Learning to do wire wrapping with a stone satisfied Step 2 of the Junior Jewelry badge.

We also created our own Magic Gem and made up a story about where we found it, what powers it has and what we like about it.


Today we wrote about which Harry Potter character we are most like.  Bug-A-Boo chose Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

We also watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and continued reading the illustrated edition and colored in our Coloring Books.


Today we created jewelry inspired by another culture.  We chose an Egyptian Cartouche.  I found a great website that explained what an Egyptian Cartouche is and the history behind them.  A cartouche is an oval frame which surrounds the hieroglyphs that make up the name of an Egyptian God or royal person.  It represents a looped rope which has the magical power to protect the name that is written inside it.  A cartouche was meant to protect against evil spirits both in this life and the afterlife. 
It can be arranged both horizontally or vertically depending on the best layout for its design.

We went on to read that instead of spelling the whole name you use the hieroglyphs that spell out the SOUNDS of the name.  So SYDNEY would be spelled out S-I-D-N-E, KELLY would be K-I-L-E.  We used our Heiroglyphic Alphabet worksheet to make our cartouches.

Bug-A-Boo's Cartouche

My Cartouche
Making this Egyptian Cartouche satisfied Step 4 of the Junior Jewelry badge.


Today Bug-a-Boo had a special treat and got to participate in Take Your Kid to Work Day.  She had a great day with her daddy, who works for Acsena Retail Group a fashion retailer.  She got to participate in a fashion show and got to bring home a bunch of cool jewelry.

Today Bug-A-Boo completed Step 5 of the Junior Jewelry badge and made a sparkling gift.  We took an old washer that we had in our garage with all of the nails and screws and we used a hot glue gun and different gems to create necklaces.  I made one and gave it to Bug-A-Boo as a gift and she made one and gave it to her BFF as a gift.

Tonight is a full moon so we are setting out all of our crystals that we got this week to cleanse and charge them.  The sun's and moon's rays are very energizing, as well as energetically clearing. You can use this method to both clear and charge your crystals at the same time.  Find a safe place and leave your crystal for 24 hours or more (up to a week)  in sunlight and/or moonlight.  Some crystals colors will fade in Sunlight, so those should be charged only in moonlight. Some stones that will fade in the sun are amethyst, celestite, kunzite, opal and turquoise. If you have any doubts at all, only use moonlight charging. This can also clear the stones of unwanted energies at the same time if you set your intent to do that as well.


This weekend we took a field trip to The Ohio Caverns to learn about the natural formation of crystals in caverns and to go mining for our own crystals.  We have never been to the Caverns so we were pretty excited.  We did the Combination Tour (which is the Historic Tour and the Natural Wonders Tour).  It was fascinating!  And we had a great time.

NEXT WEEK....Transfiguration!

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