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HPSC: Week 3, Transfiguration

Week Three:  June 12-16

This week is Transfiguration.  When figuring out what we were going to do this week I immediately thought about art and how artists transfigure an lump of clay or a canvas into works of art.  I knew that this week would be about art.

We started the day by filling out our Transfiguration worksheet.  We circled two words to make something silly.  Bug-A-Boo did rainbow foot and I did apple box.  we each drew a picture of it and then we transfigured clay into sculptures of our objects.  Bug-A-Boo decided to go off worksheet and created a tie-died Mickey instead.

Because we were running late at the Daily Prophet press.  Our reporter turned in her review of the Ohio Caverns late.  We had an afternoon edition of the Daily Prophet.

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Day 2
Today we will be transfiguring everyday objects into jewelry.  This also satisfying the Step 3 of the Girl Scouts Junior Jewelry badge.  Once But-a-Boo has completed this she will have earned her Jewelry badge.

I found this really pretty bracelet made out of safety pins at this website.

The instructions said to use the stunning Midnight Garden range from Cousin to make this funky bracelet but I could not find what they were talking about so we went to Michaels and just looked at the beads and found some that were similar to the picture.

  1. Take 10 safety pins and thread onto each a small mirror bead, a shell bead and another mirror bead. Close each safety pin to secure the beads.
  2. Take 5 more safety pins and thread onto each a small black faceted bead, a purple crystal and another black bead. Secure together in a chain using jump rings.
  3. Take the round section of the large toggle clasp and use jump rings to attach each strand to one of the holes. (Alternate the strands.)
  4. Repeat at the other end of the bracelet with the other part of the clasp.
  5. Add the t-bar to the end of the clasp using a jump ring.

Day 3
Today we have a special event we are going to at Peace and Good Things in Hilliard.  Peace and Good Things is a WellNest that is bringing relaxation and healing to Old Hilliard with massage therapy and movement.  But it is also so much more than that!!! 

This summer is the third annual "camp" Peace and Good Things. During June, July and August Eliza will be having events geared towards kids (and still fun for adults!). Kids of all ages are welcome. They must, however, be accompanied by an adult. That adult can determine whether the activity at hand is appropriate for the age of the child. This way younger siblings can come with older siblings even if they might not be interested in the event going on. The 'Nest is full of many pretty things. Lots of things for kiddos to get will want to have a good ratio of adult to child for those who need extra monitoring due to age or personality!   Today's event is:

Flower Pressings and Canvases
Come learn how to press flowers the quick way! (We will also talk about the traditional method). Then make "flower power" art canvases out of your preserved blooms! Flowers and canvases provided, but feel free to bring your own blooms!

We had a great time and Bug-a-Boo transfigured dried flowers into a beautiful canvas.

We love the events at Peace and Good Things, aka The 'Nest and we love the owner, Eliza Hechmer and I highly recommend you check out her website and the events she has going on this summer.

Day 4
Today we are working on a Father's Day worksheet since this Sunday is Father's Day.  We are also going to continue working on our latch hook rugs and watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Our writing assignment this week is a lead in to next weeks class, Potions.  It is "How would you use Liquid Luck?"

Day 5
Today is our field trip day.  Originally we were going to go to the Columbus Museum of Arts but we may not be able to fit it into our schedule this week.  Instead we went to Flourish & Blotts (aka the main branch of The Columbus Metropolitan Library) and the Forbidden Forest (aka The Topiary Park).  We brought along our painting boxes and transfigured canvas and tiles into art.

We also brought along our digital camera and Bug-a-Boo took photos of the landscapes at the park which satisfies Step 2 of the Girl Scout Junior Digital Photography badge.  In order to complete Step 3 of the badge she has to edit (or transfigure) three of these photos using a computer editing program.

She used BeFunky:  Free Online Photo Editor for the above three photos.

Next week...Potions!

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