Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finding Photo Connections

Part of Finding Photo Freedom is finding photo connections.  Letting photos "age" in my category drawers so that one day while I'm flipping through them I will be able to see photos in a whole new way.

For the class I'm currently taking, Finding Photo Freedom at Big Picture Classes, the assignments the last couple of weeks have been to look for these connections and then scrap them and decide which Library Album the page will live in.

Here's a look at the connections/pages I've done.

This first one is a new favorite.  I was going through my storage binders and found this cute picture of Bug-A-Boo in a Wonder Woman "Underoos-like" onesie.  My brother had bought it for her and I knew I wanted to do page about it eventually.  I made a mental note of which storage binder it was in and I moved on.

A day or two later I was flipping through my People We Love category drawers and came across a photo of me and my brother from 1979 wearing our super hero Underoos.  At that moment I knew I had to scrap this photo and the photo of Bug-A-Boo I saw a few days earlier.  Here on one layout there were 2 separate connections:  Me wearing Wonder Woman Underoos and 30 years later, my Bug-A-Boo wearing them;  my brother's love of super heroes and Underoos and he was the one that bought Bug-A-Boo her first Underoos.  This will live in our Things We Do:Everyday Life album.

Underoos, Pt. 2

Here is another page that I immediately saw connections with while flipping through my Things We Do:Seasons:Winter category drawers.

The first time it snowed after Bug-A-Boo was born I bundled her up and took her outside so we could get a picture of her first snow.  I took a long-arm-shot of the two of us and then laid her in the snow to make a snow angel.  In my category drawers I found a couple photos from February 1973 (I would have been 11 months old).  My mom had bundled me up and took me out in the snow.  I thought it was neat that these photos are almost the same but taken 34 years apart.  This will live in our All About Us:Just The Girls album.

Snow Babies
The next two pages don't have any "connections".  The assignment was to do a Storage Binder layout (select photos from my active Storage Binders) and scrap them and decide where they will live.

For the first layout I grabbed some photos I had been wanted to scrap for awhile.  When Bug-A-Boo was first learning to crawl she would often crawl after Kady or Cori (our Furry Babies).  One day she while Kady was laying down, Bug-A-Boo got very curious and was petting her bum.  I snapped a few photos because it just looked funny and cute.  A few days later I was listening to the radio and I heard a clip from the movie Dr. Doolittle..."If you really want to get a sense of who somebody really is you gotta sniff their butt."  The clip was Ellen Degeneres as a dog.  It cracked me up!  I wrote it down and put it in my Words file and both the quote and photos have been ready to go since 2007.  I finally got around to scrapping them and I absolutely love the finished product.  This will live in our All About Us:Furry Babies album.

This layout is depicting Mother's Day 2010 when I received my first official "mom jewelry" and my first Tiffany & Co. jewelry.  Both are valued the same in my heart.  This will live in out Things We Do:Holidays and Traditions

Beads & Baubles

I put pockets on the back of the pages to hold the cards I received that year for Mother's Day.

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