Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why Do I Scrapbook?

I scrapbook for myself.
I scrapbook for my family.
I scrapbook to feed the creative monster that lives inside me.
I scrapbook because if I didn't I would go crazy...literally.
I scrapbook because I love taking pictures.
I scrapbook because I need to work with my hands but I don't like to get dirty.
I scrapbook because I want my daughter to know her family story.
I scrapbook because I love to travel and I want to relive every experience.
I scrapbook because I am an artist.
I scrapbook to capture everyday stuff.
I scrapbook because my husband has a horrible memory.
I scrapbook so that my daughter will have written and photographic proof of just how much we love her.  There are just some feelings that are so overwhelming the only way for me to express them is through scrapbooking.
I scrapbook because I am obsessed with paper.
I scrapbook to never forget.
I scrapbook, therefore, I am!

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