Monday, July 11, 2011

Library Of Memories Framework Pages

As I have mentioned before I am a follower/practicer of Stacy Julian's Photo Freedom and Library of Memories system.

Today I want to highlight my Library Albums and the framework pages in them.

First a little explanation of what Library Albums are.  I am what Stacy calls an inspired scrapbooker.  I no longer scrapbook in chronological order but by what I am inspired by.  Whether I'm inspired by photos or stories it doesn't matter.  Once a page is done I need somewhere to put and when I found Stacy's Library of Memories system I knew that this was the system for me.

I work with four categories:  All About Us (personality and relationship pictures featuring me and members of my immediate family), People We Love (pictures of extended family, friends and other people I love and admire), Places We Go (pictures of place we've been once or places we frequent in our everyday life), Things We Do (pictures of stuff we do and the stuff we love-from food and fashion to family rituals and traditions with all the mundane in between).

Each album is assigned a color (US-Brown, PEOPLE-Red, PLACES-Green, THINGS-Pink) and has framework pages:

Title Page

Dedication Page-I've chosen a quote for the dedication page of each album.

Within these four major categories are sub-categories and these have section pages:
All About Us
All In The Family (Photos featuring the three of us)
Together Forever (Photos featuring just me and Prince Charming)
Just the Girls (Photos of just me and Bug-A-Boo)
Daddy's Girl (Photos of Bug-A-boo and Prince Charming)
Furry Babies (Photos of Kady, Cori, Josie)
All About Tom (Photos of Prince Charming's life and personality)
All About Kelly (Photos of my life and personality)
All About Sydney (Photos of Bug-A-Boo's life and personality)

People We Love
Grandparents (Photos of us with our Grandparents)
Extended Family (Photos of extended family members)
Friends (Photos with friends)

Places We Go
Home (Photos of the homes we grew up in and our current home)
School (Photos of our school life)
Near/Around Town (Photos of places we go near home, ie. The Zoo, The Park)
Far Away (Photos of places we go far away, ie.  Disney World, New York, Europe)

Things We Do
Everyday Life
Sports & Recreation
Holidays & Traditions

In addition to my Library Albums I also have a Library Album for Birthday Celebrations only.

I love my Library Albums!  It makes everything so much easier.  Once a page is finished I determine the best place for it and that Album becomes it's home.  I'll post some examples tomorrow.


  1. I love the page you did for birthdays. Can you tell me what you used to do this page? my email address is

  2. It's so great to see your framework pages - I'm working on these for my own albums. Thanks for sharing!