Tuesday, June 28, 2011

28 Days of Sketches: Days 25-28

Finally...the last four sketches from the amazing 28 Days of Sketches, taught by Lisa Day at Big Picture Classes.

Sketch 25:

In the Summer of 2008 I was passing by a garage sale and saw a bounce house for sale for $75.  I told Prince Charming right away and he ran down the block to buy it.  I knew Bug-a-Boo would absolutely love it and I also knew it could come in handy when friends were over.   She just loves to bounce in it and it was worth every penny.

Sketch 26:

The small pictures made this one difficult to find a subject for but then I saw the photos from a cousin sleep-over at Grandma and Grandpa's house over Thanksgiving.  This was Bug-A-Boo's first "sleep-over" we were a little nervous how she would do.  She had a great time though and did fantastic.  This would be the first of many.

Sketch 27:  Sometimes one photo is all it takes to tell a story.

I love this photo.  Bug-A-Boo was a little over a year old and my parents came to visit.  Mom decided to give all of the dogs a treat and Bug-A-Boo wanted one too.  All four of them lined up and took their turn.  The best part about this photo is that all of our beloved Fur Babies are in it.  Our cute little Cori and our much missed Kady who we lost 3 months after the picture was taken and my parents dog, Sable, who left us a little over a year ago.  

Sketch 28:  This sketch is very linear with the focus on the photos.

I chose three pictures from a defining moment for Bug-A-Boo.  Getting out of the crib and into a toddler bed.  She had been climbing out of her crib for a couple of months at this point and we couldn't put it off any longer.  She was so excited to help put it together and climb in for the first time.

That's it!  Thanks for following along on this journey of 28+ Days.  Check out Big Picture Classes for more wonderful classes like this one.

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