Friday, September 16, 2011

Mother LOAD 16

Today's thought:
Today is Free-for-All Friday. You just never know what I might throw at you on a Friday! Friday might find a unique color combination, an unusual topic to capture, a weird way to go about creating your page… It's good to keep things fresh and unexpected. Keeps you from getting bored!
For some reason, we can take our scrapbooking quite seriously. It always amazes me when I read scrapbooking blogs (and I read A LOT), and I notice how downright grim some of them sound. I want to stand up and shout, "C'mon, people! This should be one of the most joyful activities of our lives! LET YOUR HAIR DOWN AND DON'T BE SO GOSH-DARNED SERIOUS!" (Kind of like I'm doing now! Hehe!)
That's why I threw "Free-for-All Friday" into our marathon. Think of it as the skipping and blowing bubbles portion of our week. Have fun with it. Even if the page you create is a little "different," just making it will make YOU a little different, too (in a good way!).
Today's prompt:
One of the unwritten laws of scrapbooking that hung around for quite a while when I was first initiated was that you shouldn't scrap the same photo twice.
Maybe this started when it cost approximately $30 to develop a roll of photos (and only about 10 of them would be usable…), but now, it doesn't make sense. If you love a photo and it helps you tell more than one story, why the heck wouldn't you use it again and again?
(And for sub-par photographers like yours truly, your "great" photos may be so few and far between, you want to use them whenever you can!)
So today, use the same photo again. Maybe you already used it this month. Maybe you used it three years ago. I don't care. Just use it again.
Recycling is good for the earth. And good for your soul. :-)

Not the exact same picture but taken at the same time while on a swing!!

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