Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mother LOAD

What is LOAD?  Well, it stands for LayOut A Day.  What is Mother LOAD?  A 14 week class that I crazily signed up for at Big Picture Classes.  We have had 10 weeks of Basic Training where we learned several different techniques and methods in order to get up to speed for a full month scrapbooking marathon where we will create 1 LayOut A Day in September.

I have done LOAD's in the past and really enjoyed them so I figured this would be a great way to get some projects done.  Each day we receive a prompt from our coach Lain.  We are in our first week and I have somehow been able to actually keep up and get 7 layouts done.

While the marathon doesn't have an overall theme, there are daily themes:

  • Simple Sunday - where we get back to the basics about scrapbooking.
  • Mother May I Monday - where you are given permission to break some long-held scrapbooking "rules".
  • Take A Picture Tuesday - where we'll use some of the photos we took during basic training.
  • Way-Back Wednesday - where we revisit some of the older scrapbooking products, trends, and even photos, and put a new spin on them.
  • Thoughtful Thursday - where we go a little deeper with our stories and pages.
  • Free-for-all Friday - Where you won't know what to expect until you see it!
  • Snack Saturday - where we'll break out some of those snack bags we made during Basic Training to give ourselves a lift.

We then receive a prompt each day to kind of get us motivated.  These are strictly optional.

Day 1:  Today's prompt:  On Day One of our journey together, scrapbook a goal or an aspiration. It could be a big goal (losing 50 lbs.) or a small goal (getting up early to watch the Royal Wedding). It could be a goal achieved, or a goal yet to come. It could be your goal for the next 26 days, or the story of your son's determination to make the first squad in soccer.

This wasn't really a goal but more like a dream come true to visit Hollywood and all the legendary spots, especially Grauman's Chinese Theater.

Day 2:  Today's prompt:  When was the last time you laughed? A big ole' belly laugh and you thought you were going to pee your pants and snort Diet Coke out your nose? Does just thinking about it right now bring a smile to your face? I hope so, because I'm going to have you tell me all about it!
Now, grab a piece of paper (or open a file on your computer) and write out the who-what-where-when part of the story. You can get as detailed as you want, or just add a few words (sometimes just a word or two can crack you up all over again!).  Find a photo of the person, the place, or something related to the time this happened. If you don't have a photo and know you can get one later, you can just leave it blank for now. If all else fails, just add a picture of you (or someone else) laughing. Or even smiling. Don't worry if it was taken four years before the event you're writing about. We're focusing on the LAUGHTER here. The emotion of happiness!  Now that you have the photo and the words, put 'em together on a page. Add whatever else you want. Then upload it to the gallery to show us what makes you snort and giggle.

Sad, but I couldn't remember the last time I had the big, belly laugh.  So I thought I would find pictures of a really fun time.  Baking Brownies with my Bug-A-Boo.

Day 3:  Today's prompt:  Got your snack bag in hand? Great! Now go find the photo that's been sitting on your scrap space for weeks - or even months. The one you keep saying, "I really need to scrapbook this!" But somehow you never get around to doing it. Today's the day, my friend. Grab it and go - don't think too much. Just get it done. You'll be glad you did. I promise!

The snack bags are 5 ziploc bags that we filled with random embellishments.  Mine bag had the chipboard duck, the heart clip, the chipboard blue and yellow tag and the tiny clothespins.

Day 4:  Today's prompt:  create a layout in which you have stripped it all down to your bare minimum.  For some of us, that might mean a photo and some journaling. For others, it may require a lot more product and a lot more photos. That's completely fine! Today I just want you to be aware of your minimums. I'm not asking you to change anything. Yet. ;)

My bare minimums seemed to be at least 1 photo, a title, journaling and an embellishment.

Day 5:  Today's prompt:  You know that list of minimum requirements you wrote yesterday? Get them out. Take a look at them. Now wad up that paper and throw it away.  Today, you are going to create an "alternative" scrapbook layout. If you've always scrapbooked in 12" x 12", you're going to do a 6" x 12" or an 8" x 8" or even an 8 1/2" x 11" page.  If you always use computer-generated journaling, see what happens when you handwrite it.  If you always use items from the same monthly kit, break 'em apart and mix and match.  At a bare minimum, put away your trimmer and cut everything by hand!

I have been using some new divided page protectors for our California vacation theme album.  It has been difficult getting used to this format but it seems to be working well for this project.

Day 6:  Today's prompt:  Pull out your self-portrait from week three and use it on a page today. Yes, you can mix in photos of other people. Yes, you can crop it down so just your left eyeball or right kneecap is showing. Though why on earth you'd want to do that is beyond me, but go ahead. It's your scrapbook! ;)

This is the first digital scrapbook page I have ever done.  When I signed up for Mother LOAD I didn't realize that I would be on vacation for 9 days.  The only way I could think of not falling behind is to go digital for the time when I am gone.  Here is my first foray into the medium in order to prepare for vacation.

Day 7:  Today's prompt:  Today, we're going to scrapbook like it's 1999, the year I started scrapbooking!  At that time, the trends were:
  • "Sticker Sneeze"
  • Themed papers
  • Die cuts
  • Headers on the scrapbook page
  • Matching colors to photos
  • Matting, double-matting, or even triple-matting photos
  • Cutting photos into cute shapes
  • Deckle-edged scissors
I am sure there are a few more, but that's what I remember! Pick one or more of these trends to incorporate into your page. I can't wait to see!

This was a difficult prompt but fun to go retro.  I cut my photos into ovals, matted them and then used my decorative scissors around the edge.  I also used some old stickers to decorate the page.

Looking forward to the next week.  I will try to update daily so as to avoid the really long post.

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