Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mother LOAD Day 10

Today is Snack Saturday. At the end of the week you may be feeling a little crunched for time or just plain tired. That's why we'll pull out our snack bags today and help ourselves out with a good dose of chocolate. (That's what I put in MY snack bag - forget about buttons and ribbon! Haha!)
Seriously, the weekends are a chance to recover a bit. So on Saturdays I'll have you use your snack bags for an extra helping of inspiration.

Today's prompt:
Grab your snack bag. Grab a black and white photo. Go to town. :-) Theme: You choose!

My snack bag contained the sticker with the flower border, the white flower, the white brad and the two had brads. I knew I had some black and white photos in my category drawers so I went to the People We Love drawer and found these two great photos of my grandmother in 1941 wearing her "going out" clothes...fur, gloves, stockings and hat.

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