Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wilderness Explorer Birthday Party - Theming and Decorating

One thing that I pride my self on is my ability to work a theme.  When Bug-A-Boo told me she wanted a "Wilderness Explorer party with a touch of Up" I knew that this would be fun.

Around the time I was planning the party I was lucky enough to be able to go to Disney World and experience Disney's Animal Kingdom's Wilderness Explorer program.  It was a huge inspiration to me in the theming and decorating for the party.

I wanted the guests to go right to the backyard and decided to point them in the right direction by creating a sign post out front.  We had a sign for Base Camp, Paradise Falls, Bejing, China and Sydney, Australia.  I used foam core and my Cricut to make the signs and dowel poles and felt for the Wilderness Explorer flag.

The Base Camp was our 10 x 10 pop up tent.  I used scrapbook paper that I taped together on the back to make the banner.  I also used my Cricut to cut out the letters and then laminated the long banner and the Base Camp sign.  I punched holes and used string to tie it to the frame of the tent.  To make the large badge signs I enlarged the graphics of the badges and adhered them to foam core.

Also at the Base Camp were the Wilderness Explorer Survival Bags which had items to be used during the activities and also were the favors.

The other area that I decorated was under the two trees near the deck.  I set up a table that had additional favors that the girls could get on their way out.

While I was redecorating our living room to incorporate elements of Up in it I found lots of prints that looked like vintage travel posters.  I was able to find some that featured Russell and Dug as well as some that were specific to the Wilderness Explorers.  I printed them out, laminated them and draped them around.  I used a vintage suitcase I already had and a old looking globe and it gave everything a cool, vintage look.

The final element really was the greatest part.  In order to give it the "touch of Up" I went to Party City and got 75 helium balloons.  We tied them to the roof of Bug-A-Boo's playhouse and it was so cool!

For more of the Wilderness Explorer/Up party please stay tuned.  Thanks for your time and please comment below to tell me how you like our party.  Don't forget to follow my blog for more fun party, scrapbooking, home decor and many other project ideas.

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