Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I'm back!

Wow!  It has been a really long time since I have done a post on this blog.  Almost exactly a year.

I have done so many things this past year and have meaning to put up so many posts but time has gotten away from me.

I have been working hard on being a Girl Scout Daisy leader, which has required a lot of planning and creativity, and I can't wait to share some ideas with you all here.   I have also done a Wilderness Explorer birthday party for Bug-a-boo and am currently in the planning stages of my final Birthday Party hurrah...a Harry Potter themed party.

Between Girl Scouts and a Harry Potter party I am feeling really creative and want to share it.  I know that in my search for ideas the internet and other blogs have been invaluable and I hope that maybe this blog will help someone else get some fabulous ideas.

In a two past posts (BRAVE Birthday Party and Finished Items for Brave Party) I talked about how Bug-A-Boo wasn't sure if she wanted a party at home or not and that just in case I was gathering ideas for a BRAVE party.  Well, she decided that it would be BRAVE and the party was a big success so I'll start my return with the final product of the BRAVE birthday party.

Stay tuned...

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