Monday, January 3, 2011

Decorate Life-Day 1

I recently signed up for a class at Big Picture Classes.  I love Big Picture Classes and have taken several classes online.  It is a fantastic way to stay creative as well as stay on budget.  The first class of the year for me is Decorate Life, taught by Darci Dowdle.

Decorate Life is similar to the class I took last year, Baker's Dozen.  The first assignment in class is to create our "decoration box".  This is where we will store all of the embellishments that we need to gather.  We also need 14 large envelopes in which to store photos and paper in.

Assignment One
The first pre-class assignment is to purchase a tray of Christmas bulbs that are packaged in a clear plastic liner. The tray should include at least 14 bulbs. This may be tricky to find. For this class, we are mainly concerned with the box and tray that remains after you have removed the bulbs. I want you to "decorate" or cover the box in a patterned paper you love and then add one additional personal touch. It could be a ribbon, a tag, or an additional embellishment that makes it fun to sit on the counter and look at until this class begins. 

For the first five days, I get an e-mail with instructions to put certain products in my bulb tray,  and into my manila envelopes. There isn't any real specific instructions and I don't know how these products will be used. 

The fun of this is gathering the items and photos and then finding out over the next couple of weeks which numbered embellishments go with which envelope of photos.

For Day One I had to fill tray #1 with med/large chipboard letters that spell the word PROUD, two small coordinating flowers, two small brads, 5" of two different ribbons and a small tag.

In Envelope #1 I put seven photos of one single event or day.  I chose a trip to Chicago that I took in college with the Students In Design organization that I was the secretary for.

I had to fill tray #2 with 24 multicolored brads of different sizes.

In Envelope #2 I placed three horizontal photos of the fall.  I chose photos from 2008 of Bug-a-Boo carving pumpkins with my dad.

It will be fun to see what we will be gathering for the class.  Let the creativity begin!

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