Sunday, January 9, 2011

Decorate Life-Layout 3

Today we are making a page dedicated to a season that we love and an activity that we love doing in that season.

We used photos embellishments from tray #8...

and photos from envelope #5...

I quickly realized that the buttons I had originally chosen were not going to work with the patterned paper or the photos for that matter so I switched them out.  I also found some memorabilia for this event.
I had the flyer with movie facts that they gave us at the theater as well as my ticket stub and the ticket stub from 1985 when I first saw The Goonies at the theater.  With all this extra stuff I decided to convert the class layout from a double page 8-1/2 x 11 to a double page 12 x 12.

Every year I get really excited to see what the CAPA Summer Movie Series schedule will be.  This year they showed two of my all time favorites...Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window and Steven Spielberg's The Goonies, which was celebrating it's 25th anniversary.

Well, as soon as I heard about the Goonies I had to tell BFF and her son.  The Goonies is one of their favorites too and the three of us are always quoting it.  We went to Target and got Goonies t-shirts as well as Twinkies, Brown Water (iced tea) and Baby Ruth, all of which are featured in the movie.  Prince Charming called us dorks but we didn't care.  We saw a lot of other people at the theater with the same shirt on so it was pretty funny.

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