Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Decorate Life-Day 2

Today I get to fill 3 trays and envelopes.  Woo Hoo!!

Tray #3 gets eight multicolored & different sized flowers and eight coordinating brads.

Place in Envelope #3 four photos of something you have accomplished.  It can be four separate accomplishments or all from the same event.  Also, add one 4"x11" piece of patterned paper that coordinates with your photos.  I chose finishing Bug-a-Boo's playroom.  It was a huge project that I designed myself and consisted of painting, sewing and more painting.

Fill tray #4 with ten multicolored & different sized buttons, one 10-1/2" medium width ribbon.

Place in envelope #4 four photos of a day outing or vacation.  I chose a day in 2009 when we took Bug-a-Boo to the Ballentrae Fountains to play.

Fill tray #5 with two large flowers, one large/jumbo brad, five different colored/sized ribbons all 12" long.

Place in envelope #5 four horizontal photos of a season or time of year you did something you love. (Example: hiking, ice skating, pumpkin patch, making gingerbread houses) Use a coordinating patterned paper to cut two 3 1/2" diameter circles.  I chose the CAPA Summer Movie Series.  go to at least a couple of movies every summer.  The summer of 2010 I went to Rear Window and The Goonies (pictured below).

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