Thursday, May 19, 2011

28 Days of Sketches: Days 6-8

Moving right along.  Here are sketches 6-8.

Sketch 6 works great with photos that are progressive.  Action shots or instructional shots.  By placing them off center and on top of each other you have a line to follow with your eye.

I chose photos of Bug-A-Boo crying and then recovering after seeing me run through the castle at the Half-Marathon.  It was heartbreaking.  I ran through the castle, ran over to her, gave her a kiss and hug and then had to keep going.  She started to cry and yell, "momma, don't go."  Prince Charming captured the sadness and recovery.

Sketch 7 can easily be adapted to fit more than one photo.  You can increase the size of the box in the middle and add a couple photos.  For a 12x12 you could increase the photo to a 4x6 and add a larger frame.

I went the 12 x 12 route.

Sketch 8 is a pretty basic sketch.   

I chose to use two photos instead of just one...a 5x7 and a 4x4.

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