Monday, May 2, 2011

Stress-Free Scrapbooking

Recently, I was asked by the MOMS Club® Hilliard-Northeast to give a short talk on scrapbooking.  I thought for weeks about what I would talk about seeing as how I could literally talk all day about my passion for scrapbooking and I had to narrow it down to 20 minutes.

I decided that I would highlight some of the amazing principles that I have learned from my scrapbooking guru, Stacy Julian.  I wanted to share with people that you don't need to be stressed about it or feel like you are behind.  I also thought that Stacy's School of Life project was the perfect thing to share with this group of Moms.  

Here is the information handout I distributed at that meeting.  I hope that this will help people to realize that scrapbooking doesn't need to be a stressful thing.  It should be fun and rewarding.


Five Tips to Get Started Scrapbooking
-from Stacy Julian

There’s no reason to be overwhelmed or intimidated when you start scrapbooking.  Just keep these simple tips in mind, and you’ll be happily on your way to preserving priceless memories.

1.            Make up your own definition of a “scrapbook.” 
A scrapbook doesn’t have to be ‘a work of art’ or take a lot of time to create to become something special for yourself or someone you love. Any time you pair a photo you love with words that bring that moment to life, you are scrapbooking. 

2.            Forget the idea that you are going to do something with ALL the photos you take.
This is not a healthy or realistic expectation and no one expects this from you. The easiest and most authentic approach to scrapbooking begins with a memory. Once you have a memory in mind, you can either take or find a photo that illustrates the memory.   

3.            Start small.
Bigger is not always better. Pick up a great “little” photo album or scrapbook that won’t require hours of creativity or a degree in design and use paper and paste to bring color and perspective to a fun birthday party or vacation.

4.            Focus on personality and relationships.
The people we love are what matter most. Remember to take and print everyday pictures of people you love laughing, working, playing and interacting with others. These are the images you’ll treasure.
5.       Join the community of scrapbookers for support and inspiration.
Go into any scrapbook store and you'll find friends and neighbors in workshops, searching aisles of papers and cardstock, and examining new pens, stickers and scissors. Scrapbooking is a very social thing, and even if you prefer to scrapbook alone, collaboration is essential to creativity (and fun!).


1.   Paper trimmer
2.   Adhesive
3.   Cardstock in assorted colors
4.   Scissors
5.   Black journaling pen


1.   Patterned paper
2.   Stickers
3.   Embellishments (ie. Ribbon, buttons, brads)
4.   Square punch


1.  B&B Scrapbooks: 3980 Powell Rd., Powell, OH 43065-7662 
(614) 336-0556,
2.  Red Letter Journals: 3937 Broadway, Grove City, OH 43123-2261
3.  Cord Camera: 151 Graceland Blvd., Columbus, OH  43214
4.  Scrapbook Groupies: 1028 North Hamilton Road, Gahanna
5.  Pizzazz It!: 1686 Hill Road North, Pickerington
6.  Scrapbook Art: 1190 E Powell Rd, Lewis Center, Ohio
7.  Mojo Scrapbooks: 678 North State Street, Westerville
(614) 776-5396,


1.   Michael’s: several Central Ohio locations,
2.   Joann’s:  several Central Ohio locations,
3.   Archiver’s:  Easton,


2.   My Scrapbook Guru’s Blog:
3.   Online Scrapbooking Classes and Workshops:  Use registration code 39C5D23D when purchasing your class and receive 10% off your next class.
4.   Layout Ideas:

SCHOOL OF LIFE-by Stacy Julian

A simple, stress-free way to scrapbook your children’s school years.

What You Will Need

1.   a large size Rubbermaid tote that will hold hanging files big enough to fit school portraits and school projects.

How It Works

1.   Five pages for each year
a.    Page 1 and 2 are school related photos
                                              i.     1st and last day of school
                                             ii.     official school photo
                                           iii.     sampling of other snapshots

b.   Page 3 and 4 are major life events
                                              i.     Birthday photo
                                             ii.     Holiday photo
                                           iii.     Personality shot or two
                                           iv.     Photo with family members and friends

c.    Page 5 is a pocket page
                                              i.     School papers, letters, memorabilia, art work

2.   Keep it simple.  Create a template and just change colors and paper
3.   When your kids leave the nest these books go with them.

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