Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day Three-Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend, pt. 2

Once the fireworks went off and my queue started running it was a total mental game for me.

Prince Charming kept telling me (and texting me) to start out slow and steady.  To not get wrapped up in the excitement of it all and start to fast and then get tired after only a few miles.  Due to the number of people running it wasn't a problem.   It was impossible to try to go fast because of all of the people.

The atmosphere was absolutely electric!  The costumes were creative and hilarious at times and I felt awesome!!

Disney of course, thought of everything.  There were bands and characters all along the route to keep you distracted and entertained.  It cracked me up because people were actually stopping and waiting in line to get there pictures taken with characters.  I briefly thought about stopping when I saw a huge pirate ship and Jack Sparrow.  I kept going though and when I had reached about the 2-1/2mile point I heard a huge crowd of cheers.  Across the median running back toward EPCOT was the winner!  Unbelievable!

About a half a mile later I saw the main gate to the Magic Kingdom.  It was so cool!

The next big thing we saw was Space Mountain.  The sun was coming up and the sky looked beautiful and the Magic Kingdom was as always...magical!

After we went past Space Mountain we encountered a small hill.  On an overpass above the hill was a local DJ.  He was playing music and shouting words of encouragement to us.  At one point he said, "Ladies, you've got a small hill here but to reward you at the top of the hill we have a on trampolines, wearing spandex."  I started cracking up!  Sure enough at the top was a huge trampoline with 3 men gymnasts jumping.  It was hilarious!!

We ran into the Magic Kingdom from an entrance on the side of Main Street USA.  As I turned the corner I saw Cinderella's Castle and started to cry a little.   The magic of it never fails to affect me and the fact that I had worked and trained for a year to see this was even more emotional.  We ran down Main Street and turned right into Tomorrowland.

We ran around Tomorrowland to the Fantasyland and came to the back of the Castle.  It was amazing!   They had Royal Trumpeters on the balcony playing as we approached.  

While I was making my way to the Magic Kingdom, Prince Charming and Bug-a-Boo were waiting for me at the Castle.   They counted 37 Snow White's and had a great time while they waited.

Prince Charming & Bug-a-Boo's vantage point

It was awesome when I came out of the Castle.  Prince Charming and Bug-a-Boo were right at the gate waiting for me.   I was able to run right up to Bug-A-Boo and give her a big kiss and a hug.

Having run through the Castle
 Unfortunately, as I started running away to continue the race Bug-a-Boo started crying...hard.  She started yelling, "Momma, don't go.  Momma!!"  It broke my heart, but I had to keep going.  Apparently, she got over it as quickly as it came on and they headed back to the Monorail to go back to EPCOT to see me at the finish line.
a sad Bug-A-Boo
After running through the Castle we headed to Liberty Square and then Frontierland were I was able to see my old friend Jude.  This was the half-way point in the race and the best 6 miles I've ever run.

Tomorrow...the second half of the race.

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