Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hogwarts Classes: Divination

Our next class was Divination and this was another class that would be a lot of fun and silly.

The creating of the Divination "classroom" was one of my favorites.  One of the books I made for Bug-A-Boo's trunk was Unfogging the Future, which was the book the students at Hogwarts used for Divination class.  I displayed it along with a set of "nerd" glasses that I got at  The glasses are similar to the ones that Professor Trelawney wears.  One of my favorite items was a tea cup for reading tea leaves.

I went to the Goodwill Store near us and found a tea cup and saucer that looked old.  I got a fine tip Sharpie marker that is used for pottery.  I used the marker to make the "grim" at the bottom of the tea cup like the one that Harry has in his cup in Prisoner of Azkaban.  After creating the design I baked the cup in the oven for the designated time on the marker's packaging.

The Grim in Harry's tea cup

The tea cup I made
The next item I made was the crystal ball.  I purchased a Magic 8 Ball from and spray painted it with a silver glitter paint.  I then found a candle holder at Big Lots which worked perfectly to set it on.

The girls got out their books and quills and I had them write down a few questions that could have a "yes" or "no" answer.  Some of the questions were, "will I pass Potions class?", "will we win the Quidditch match?"

 Once the girls had a few questions we went into the living room where the Divination classroom was set up.  I put on my witch's hat and glasses and became Professor Trelawney.  The girls were cracking up.

Each girl came up to the table, shook the crystal ball and asked it a question.  Once they had the answer they could write it in their books.

The girls had a lot of fun with this activity and they wanted to keep playing.  We got a picture of each girl wearing the hat and glasses.  It was so much fun!

Once each girl got to ask a couple of questions and try on the hat and glasses they each received a paper fortune teller that they made.  We spent a few minutes with the girls telling each others fortunes and giggling a lot.

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*teacups will vary

For the next classes we headed outside...Care of Magical Creatures.

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