Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hogwarts - Sorting Hat

The first thing that needed to be done was to get the girls sorted into their houses.  I borrowed The Sorting Hat from my friend Jan.

The Sorting Hat at Universal Studios Orlando
I used some of the items from Sydney's birthday gift to decorate the mantel and got a stool for the hat.

Stuffed felt Dobby, Pygmy Puff and Monster Book of Monsters from Sydney's birthday gift.

I found artwork online to create the house banners that I hung from the mantel.  I printed out the house crests and the house color pendants.  After trimming the crests I adhered them to the banners and then laminated them.

I wanted to make sure that the Sorting was fair so I thought the best way to do this was by random drawing.  I got the house crests and sized them to fit into 2.25" make your own buttons that I got at Michael's.   I placed the buttons in a cauldron and the girls would draw a button and that would determine which house they were in.  They could then pin it to their robe.

From the Sorting Hat poems from the book I took out the lines that described each house and put them on a card that I attached to the buttons.

On the back of each button I wrote a Quidditch position (4 Chasers, 4 Beaters, 2 Keepers and 2 Seekers).  This ensured that the positions for the game we would play later would also be random.

Before we got started I read the Sorting Hat poems in case some of the girls weren't familiar with the Sorting Ceremony.  I printed the poem on parchment like paper and made it like a scroll.

"A thousand years or more ago,
When I was newly sewn,
There lived four wizards of renown,
Whose name are still well-known:
Bold Gryffindor from wild moor,
Fair Ravlenclaw from glen,
Sweet Hufflepuff from valley broad,
Shrewd Slytherin from fen.
They share a wish, a hope, a dream,
They hatched a daring plan,
To educate young sorcerers,
Thus Hogwarts school began.
Now each of these four founders
Formed their own house, for each
Did value different virtues,
In the ones they had to teach.
By Gryffindor, the bravest were
Prized far beyond the rest;
For Ravenclaw, the cleverest
Would always be the best;
For Hufflepuff, hardworkers were
Most worthy of admission;
And power-hungry Slytherin
Loved those of great ambition.
While still alive they did divide
Their favourites from the throng,
Yet how to pick the worthy ones
When they were dead and gone?
'Twas Gryffindor who found the way,
He whipped me off his head
The founders put some brains in me
So I could choose instead!
Now slip me snug around your ears,
I've never yet been wrong,
I'll have a look inside your mind
And tell where you belong!”

"Oh, you may not think I'm pretty,
But don't judge on what you see,
I'll eat myself if you can find
A smarter hat then me.
You can keep your bowlers black,
Your top hats sleek and tall,
For I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat
And I can cap them all.
There's nothing hidden in your head
The Sorting Hat can't see,
So try me on and I will tell you
Where you ought to be.
You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve and chivalry,
Set Gryffindors apart;
You might belong in Hufflepuff
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true,
And unafraid of toil;
Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you've a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;
Or perhaps in Slytherin,
Where you'll meet your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means,
To achieve their ends.
So put me on! Don't be afraid!
And don't get in a flap!
You're in safe hands (though I have none)
For a Thinking Cap."

After reading the poem I called each girl up to the stool.  I set the hat on their heads and then they drew a button out of the cauldron.  All the girls were pretty excited about their houses.

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