Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Platform 9-3/4

After going through Diagon Alley it was time for the girls to head to Hogwarts by going through Platform 9-3/4.  This was one of the elements that I struggled with creatively and practically.  The original plan was to use the double sliding doors as the brick wall between Platforms 9 & 10 and to use the vintage suitcases that we have in the living room to decorate as King's Cross Station.  
Platform 9-3/4 sign at Universal Studios Orlando

King's Cross Station at Universal Studios Orlando
Harry's trunk and Hedwig at Universal Studios Orlando
Because of the weather though we had to change that.  The door from the garage into the house became the brick wall and the landing in the living room was Platform 9-3/4.

We taped the brick backdrop to the top of the door frame and cut a slit up the middle so the girls could walk through it.  Because of it's size we had to tape it in the wrong direction but it still looked okay.  I also had used foam core pieces and cut out numbers for the Platform 9 and 10 signs.

The girls had fun lining up and taking their turn running through the wall to Platform 9-3/4.  Once they got into the house we set up a small area that was supposed to look like the Platform with Harry's things waiting for him.  I used all of the things that we gave Sydney for her birthday.  Her trunk, cauldron and the cage with Hedwig in it.  I also displayed some of the textbooks I made for her.  

The Platform 9-3/4 sign was made with red foam core and I cut the circles and numbers using my Cricut.

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