Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hogwarts Classes: Potions

After the two classes outside we came back in for the last class (technically two more were scheduled - Herbology and Astronomy, but we ran out of time).  Potions with Professor Snape would be our last class of the party and the girls were really looking forward to it.

I set up the kitchen counter to act as our Potions classroom, this way if there were any spills or bubble overs it would be easy to clean up.  I set up the ingredients of the potion using different glass containers, vases, etc. that I had around the house.  I also collected small Mason Jars to be used as potion flasks.  I made the potion ahead of time to make sure that the measurements of the ingredients were right as well as to mark the jars so the girls would know where to fill the jar to.

I also created a label for the Mason Jars so that the girls could write their names on their potions and take them home.

The ingredient were as follows Basilisk Venom (cooking oil), Aconite Fluid (water), Dragon Blood (red food coloring), Mandrake Root (licorice like dog treats), Unicorn Horn (silver glitter),  and Runespoor Eggs (Alka Seltzer Tablets).

I found these labels online and created the Aconite Fluid one myself.  You could make the ingredients whatever you want, these are just the ones that I chose based on a "recipe" I found online.

When everyone was inside Professor Snape (Prince Charming) called everyone over to the counter to begin.

He started by telling the students that they needed to pay attention, because if they didn't...

...well, this is what happened to the last student that didn't pay attention.  The girls were loving it!  Giggles all around!

He had them open their books and they began making the potion, with the help of our two Prefects, McKenna and Aria.

The potion was the Beguiling Bubble Potion:

1.  Fill your potion flask 3/4 full with Basilisk Venom.
2.  Fill the flask 1/4 more with Aconite Fluid and let settle.
3.  Add 3 drops of Dragon Blood; slowly stir with Mandrake Root twice counter clockwise.
4.  Sprinkle 1 scoop of powdered Unicorn Horn on top.
5.  Break 1 round Runespoor Egg into 4 small pieces.
6.  Add 1 piece to potion at a time while repeating the incantation - "Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble."

"double, double, toil and trouble"

Once the Runespoor Eggs are dropped in it should create a fun lava lamp effect.  I think this was the girls favorite activity of the whole party.

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