Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hogwarts Classes: Spells & Charms and Transfiguration

The second class was Spells and Charms.  Originally in the girls booklets was a matching exercise...match the Charm with the incantation.  When I learned that the majority of the girls had not yet read the books or seen the movies I knew that this was not going to work.  I came up with an alternative that I thought the girls would really like and it would be an additional craft we could do and item they could take home.  They would SPELL out their names with CHARMS and make a bracelet.

I bought letter charms from Michael's and had many different colors of embroidery thread that the girls could use for bracelets.

Everyone had so much fun making their charm bracelets.

Our next class...Transfiguration.

I was looking forward to Transfiguration.  I knew this would be a class where the girls could get silly and have a lot of fun.

Each girl was given a container of Playdoh which had been enchanted by Professor M. McGonagall and made into Transfiguration Putty.  In the class booklets there was a list of "magical" items, water goblet, golden stitch, cauldron, witches hat, etc.  They were to use the Transfiguration Putty and make as many items on the list out of the putty as they could in the allotted time.

Once they had made an object they had to raise their hand and we would look it over and then they could check it off the list.  We had so much fun with this activity and the girls were cracking up with their creations.

Next class is...Divination.

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