Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hogwarts: The Great Hall and History of Magic

A major part of Hogwarts is the Great Hall.  Because of the extremely windy weather we were unable to have the party outside which is what we had originally planned.  Due to that the "Great Hall" became our mail classroom as well.

I needed someplace where the girls could work in their books as well as do some crafts so the dining room became the Great Hall/Main classroom.  I used the books as decoration on the china cabinets.  I made about 50 candles out of paper to hang from the ceiling.  I rolled white copy paper up into long "candles" and then cut flames out of orange card stock and taped it to the top.  Using fishing wire I hung the candles from the ceiling using thumb tacks at each end.  I also made another set of house banners and hung them using fishing wire.

 Since this was to be our main classroom as well all of the supplies we would need were also at arms reach on the china cabinets.

Our first class was History of Magic.  We read from the first page of their workbooks and talked about how to take care of the wands that they had received at Ollivander's.

Our next class was Spells and Charms...

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