Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hogwarts Classes: Herbology and Astronomy

Two classes that I wanted to have were Herbology and Astronomy but unfortunately, we ran out of time.  If we would have been able to have them this is what I had planned.

For Herbology I got some potting soil and put some into ziplock bags and made labels that said Dragon Dung.  Each girl would have a brown plastic Solo cup as a pot and I put some glass beads on the bottom of each cup which served two purposes...weighing it down as well as providing space for water/soil.  I had found some Herbology seed package art online at The RPF.  I liked the Fanged Geranium because it seemed like a Venus Flytrap which I knew I could find at a gardening store.

I found a small Venus Flytrap at Oakland Nursery and found Venus Flytrap seeds at  I ordered enough seeds so that each girl got three and then I printed the seed packet and assembled them.  The seeds were so small that I had to wrap them up in small pieces of plastic wrap and them put them in the packet.

Each girl got to take the cup, soil and seeds home to plant.

The other class we weren't able to get to was Astronomy.  I found a craft online that would teach the girls about the different constellations.  I printed out the Constellation wheel and each girl got a square of thick cardboard, a T-pin and a brad to attach the eyepiece.  They could use the pin and puncture the dots of the constellations (using the cardboard behind the wheel in order to puncture the hole).  

I collected toilet paper rolls so that they could wrap it with the rectangle piece.  Again, we ran out of time for the girls to do this at the party so I sent the Constellation Wheel kit home with them so they could do it at home.

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