Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Brownie Meeting 2: The Girl Scout Promise and Law

Meeting at a Glance 

Goal: Girls review the Girl Scout Promise and Law. 
Toward the Award: Fair Play, Girl Scout Way and Snacks
See Brownie Supply Schedule

Pre-Meeting (15 min)
-  Greet, sign-in, and put on name tags
-  Write letter to self and attach in the back of the GGGS book

Snack Time (Snacks, Step #2) (10 min)

Opening  (5 min)
-  Flag Ceremony
-  Brownie Ring

Business (10 min)
  • Take attendance and collect dues. 
  • Discuss any old or future business such as collecting permission slips, special fees, etc.
  • Review the Troop Kaper Chart.   Explain that the Kaper Chart will help girls know what their duty for the day is.   Explain that cleaning-up for the troop meeting is everyone’s responsibility and this chart will help remind girls what needs to be done. Tell them that each week they will look for their name tag and will know what troop responsibility they should help with.   At the end of each meeting, the tags will be rotated so every girl takes a turn doing every job.

  • Talk about the Skill Building Badge form and the Legacy Badge Make Up Form.  If a girl is unable to attend an outing or a meeting and can not complete the steps for a badge with the rest of the troop she will need to fill out a form and present what she has done at home to complete the steps, if she wants to receive the badge.
  • If anyone has a Skill Building Badge or Legacy Badge form they can present here.

  • Exchange “Making Friends” gifts

Activity/Exploration (50 min)
  • Play Untangle from Human Knot to get the wiggles out (Fair Play, Step #3)

  • In today's activity, girls will talk about what the 3 parts of the Girl Scout Promise and what the 10 parts of the Girl Scout Law mean to them, and create troop guidelines. 
  • Have each girl get her GGGS binder and look at page 2, which has the Girl Scout Promise and Law.  Read each part of the Girl Scout Promise and let girls talk about what they think each means.   Remember, no answers are “wrong” answers. Everyone has different ideas, beliefs, customs, and ways of expressing themselves.
  • Read and talk about each part of the Girl Scout Law. Let girls tell about times that they may have followed the Girl Scout Law (example: I found a dollar on the playground and turned it in to my teacher). Talk about other ways they can live by the Girl Scout Law. 
  • Using construction paper have the girls trace their hands and cut them out.  Have them write their name on the handprint.  On an index card have them write their favorite line from the Girl Scout Law.  Staple the handprint to the card and use glue stick to attach it to the poster board. (Girl Scout Way, Step #3)
  • Have each girl talk about the line she chose and why

Clean-up (10 min)
  • Remind the girls of kapers and work together to leave the site better than you found it. ALL girls should participate!  
  • The Out Scout should be rotating the names on the Kaper Chart to see who will bring the snack and beverage for the next meeting. 
  • Play “G for Generosity” while cleaning up (Girl Scout Way, Step #1)

Closing (5 min)
  • Form a Friendship Circle and let the girls know that next meeting we will be talking about the Girl Scout motto which is, “Be Prepared”.  Give them the Dressing for the Weather handouts and the Emergency Who’s Who handout.  Tell them to complete these at home and to bring them to the next meeting to share with everyone.  Also, talk to them about the Sit-Upon craft and hand out the list of supplies they will need for the next meeting.

  • Tell the girls  who will take the snack box home. Announce any final reminders or comments.  
  • There will be a Troop Outing to play Mini-Golf and learn to keep score to complete Step #4 or our Fair Play Legacy Badge.  The cost for 18 holes is $6.00 for 18 and older, $5.00 for ages 4-17 and all kids 3 and under are free with a paid admission.  If you can’t make it you will need to work with your parents at home to complete Step #4.  You will then need to present what you did to the troop at a meeting.  (Fair Play, Step #4)*
  • Sing “Make New Friends,” and do a friendship squeeze.  If time sing “G for Generosity”. (Girl Scout Way, Step #1)
  • Collect nametags and sign-out. 

Games, Songs, and Meeting Helps 
Hooray for Girl Scouts 
Hooray for Girl Scouts 
Someone’s in the stands yelling 
Hooray for Girl Scouts 
1, 2, 3, 4 who you gonna yell for? 
Girl Scouts! That’s Us! 
She wears a G for Generosity 
She wears an I for Interest, too 
She wears an R for Real Life Sportsmanship 
And an L for Loyalty
She wears an S for her Sincerity 
She wears a C for Courtesy 
She wears an O, U, T for Outdoor Life, Outdoor Life 
And that Girl Scout is ME!

*NOTE:  if a girl is not able to make it to the field trip they will need to download the request form from FaceBook, fill it out and bring it to the next meeting as well as present her step completion.

*This would be a good meeting to have a parent iron-on session.

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