Monday, April 20, 2015

Daisy Meeting 8: Respect Myself and Others

For this meeting I contacted Bug-A-Boo's pediatric dentist and asked if they would be willing to donate some goodies to the Troop to teach the girls about good oral health.

Meeting 6: Respect Myself and Others
Meeting at a Glance

Goal: Girls know how to respect themselves and others.

Toward the Award: Earn the Respect Myself and Others petal

o Nametags
o Pen and sign-in/sign-out sheet
o Kaper chart
o Hand washing supplies
o Dental supplies
o Age appropriate music for dancing
o Supplies to make thank you note cards
o Girl Scout Daisy, The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting

Prepare Ahead:
o Teach hand washing.
o Contact a dentist for free dental supplies (toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.). The
dentist may be able to join the meeting at some time.
o Arrange a way to play music at the meeting.
o Learn the “D-A-I-S-Y” song.

Greet, sign-in, and put on nametags.

Have the girls sign a thank you note card for the dentist.

Ask the girls 3 things they did that were considerate, caring, courageous or strong since the last meeting.

Greet each other with the Girl Scout handshake.

Say the Girl Scout Promise.

Sing “Make New Friends” and “Did You Ever See a Daisy.” Teach the “D-A-I-S-Y” song.

In the Girl Scout Daisy Circle, review rules and assign kapers.
Share information about the field trip at the next meeting.
“Today we are going to learn what it means to respect yourself and others.”

Read “Gloria’s Story” and talk about it using the questions in The Girl’s Guide to Girl

Teach hand washing as a practical way to respect yourself and others.

Hand Washing Activity
We are going to do a hand washing activity that shows one way you respect yourself and others.   Sometimes our hands do not look dirty, but what is still on our hands? (Germs)

Do you know when we should wash our hands? (After using the bathroom, before eating, after playing outdoors, after coughing or sneezing.)

Pretend to sneeze into your hand and then ask a girl if they would want to shake hands with you.  (I would not either and that is why it is important to wash your hands.)

To get rid of germs on your hands, what do you need? (Water, soap, and paper towels.)
1. Turn on warm running water.
2. Add soap.
3. Scrub our hands really well for 20 seconds. We can know how long 20 seconds is by
singing the “Happy Birthday” song two times. That is a long time!
4. Rinse off with warm running water.
5. Use a paper towel and dry really well. Friction is important to remove the germs.

Talk to the girls about how oral hygiene is another practical way to respect yourself and others.  

Explain to the girls that exercise is another way to show you respect yourself. Ask girls
about their favorite exercises.

Hold a dance party or teach a dance or sing and do the actions to “Head, Shoulders,
Knees, and Toes.”

Congratulate the girls for earning the Gloria, Respect Myself and Others, petal.

Remind the girls of kapers and how working together to leave the site better than you
found it shows we respect others.

Form a Daisy Circle and ask the girls to think of three healthy things that show that they
respect themselves.

Form a Friendship Circle, sing “Goodbye, Daisies,” and do a friendship squeeze.

Hand out dental supplies with a reminder to brush your teeth twice a day. Ask girls to sign
the thank you cards they made for the older Girl Scout and for the dentist that donated
the supplies.

Hand out the Gloria, Respect Myself and Others, petal.

Have the girls place the Gloria, Respect Myself and Others petal sticker in their awards log
(The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting).

Explain what will happen at the next meeting (going on a field trip or special visitor to
discuss Respect Authority).

Hand out field trip information and permission forms, if applicable.

Collect nametags and sign-out.

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