Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Girl Scout Daisy Badge Tracker

Early in our year together I held onto all of the badges the girls had earned until the Investiture Ceremony.  The girls would ask which badges they had earned so I came up with a fun way for them to see

I went to the craft store and bought a terra cotta pot, a dowel pole and two round styrofoam balls.  I covered one of the styrofoam balls with some moss that I had and I painted the dowel pole green and the second styrofoam ball yellow.  I stuck the dowel pole into the ball in the pot and stuck the yellow ball at the top of the dowel pole.

I had some bamboo skewers that I cut into pieces.  I printed out the petal badges and taped them to the skewers.

I used longer skewers for the financial literacy leaves.

I printed out the Journey patch and adhered it to the pot.  I printed and cut out the individual badges and turned them stickers using my Xyron.

At the end of each meeting the girl that was the Out Scout got to place the whatever petal badge they earned into the yellow styrofoam ball.  If it was a Journey badge then they would stick it onto the picture on the pt.  The girls loved seeing the daisy come to life.

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