Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bug-A-Boo's Potions Box

As part of the Hogwarts trunk I wanted to make Bug-A-Boo a potions box that could store several different potion bottles that she could use in imaginative play.

I started with a list of potions that I wanted to include:  Amortentia (love potion), Floo Powder, Phoenix Tears, Veritaserum, Polyjuice Potion, Skele-grow, Gillyweed, Mandrake Resorative Draught, Bezoar, Unicorn Hair, Dragon Blood and Felix Felicis.

I found artwork for the potion bottle labels online and printed them out on cardstock.

I found a heart shaped bottle at Michaels that would be perfect for the Amortentia.  I had some lotion that was a sparkly pink color and I thought it would be perfect for the Amortentia.  I filled the glass bottle and corked it.  I put Crazy Glue around the bottom of the cork and inserted into the bottle and then used hot glue to seal the cork onto the bottle.

The Floo Powder was a picture of flour, sugar and coffee grounds.  Again I used Crazy Glue and hot glue to seal the bottle.

The Phoenix Tears were gust some plastic beads in diamond shapes that I purchased at Michaels.

The Veritaserum was some old Molasses syrup that I had.

Polyjuice Potion was Grapeseed Oil and green food coloring.

For the Skele-Gro bottle I found a lightbulb shaped bottle with a twist cap.  I poured some white acrylic paint into the bottle and swirled it to cover the whole bottle.  I covered the cap with some black felt and tied it on using embroidery thread with the skeleton charms.

For the smaller potions I had found some really small glass bottles.  For the Dragon Blood I used red food coloring and sealed the small cork using red sealing wax.  I had found a dragon charm that I melted into the wax as well.  The Unicorn Hair is strands of gold thread and Felix Felicis is gold glitter.  The Bezoar is a small cardboard box that I covered with the Bezoar artwork and used Modge Podge to secure it.

The Mandrake Restorative Draught is a few different dry ingredients mixed together.  I think I used flour, wheat germ and ground flax seed.

The Gillyweed went through a couple of changes.  Originally I used grapes oil and some defrosted frozen spinach.  I sealed the bottle with Crazy Glue, hot glue and sealing wax.  Unfortunately, it leaked a little.  I then tried grapes oil and cooked spaghetti colored green.  I re-sealed it and it worked.  After a while though the spaghetti started to mold.  I got a brand new bottle and this time I used green yarn that I put into the bottle.

I found a wooden box at Michaels that I painted and Modge Podged the Hogwarts crest onto it.

On the inside lid I found artwork on RPF of the page from the potion book that Hermione found the recipe for Polyjuice Potion.  I also found the page from the book that Hermione ripped out the information about Basilisks.  Using Modge Podge I put them on the inside of the lid.  The box was cool and it looked great with the artwork but it was a little to small.  The Gillyweed bottle needed to stand up so that it wouldn't leak (this was before I changed it so there was no liquid in it.).  I went in search of another box so that all of the bottle could stand up.

I found this box at Michaels and I used Modge Podge for the Hogwarts crest.  All of the potions fit into it perfectly and the box itself fit into the trunk as well.

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