Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bug-A-Boo's Birthday Trunk

I wanted Bug-A-Boo's birthday gift to be extra special.  I found a trunk at Garden Ridge and I printed out a Hogwarts crest and using Modge Podge I put it on the top of the trunk.  I cut out her initials in gold paper and Modge Podged them onto the side of the trunk.

Inside the trunk were several things from Harry Potter books and movies as well as some other wizard themed items.  At Amazon.com I found these really cool Harry Potter activity kits.  One is a Spells and Potions Herbology kit and the other is a Spells and Potions Astronomy kit.

At Half Priced Books I found a series of Wizardology books and a Monsterology book.

I created several Hogwarts textbooks for Bug-A-Boo.  I found the artwork for the book covers at RPF and purchased blank journals at various stores.  Using Photoshop I sized the artwork to fit the journals and using adhesive and Modge Podge I was able to make the books look very authentic.

Advanced Potion Making

Inside cover of Advanced Potion Making

Hogwarts a History

The Standard Book of Spells

Unfogging the Future

A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration is a photo album so Bug-A-Boo can have pictures from her party.

A History of Magic

Back cover of A History of Magic

Inside cover of A History of Magic
Also included was an Invisibility Cloak.  Using Photoshop I changed the note that Dumbledore gave to Harry with the cloak for Bug-A-Boo.  I found some really cool fabric at Joann and using a cloak pattern that I had I made her a cloak big enough that it could go over her head and that she could see through the fabric.

Using artwork I found at RPF I created 4 Herbology seed packets.  I went to the garden store and found seeds for plants that were similar to the magical plants.

As far as Harry Potter creatures I included three different creatures in the trunk.  I made a stuffed animal of Dobby out of felt.  I cut the shapes out of felt and hand sewed them together.

I found this little puff ball at Michael's and cut around some of the fluff and hot glued some googly eyes to create a Pygmy Puff.

The Monster Book of Monsters was a little more complicated.  I found a cardboard "book" at Michael's and I bought some fur fabric at Joann.  I covered the book with the fur and cut out tentacles.  Using padding and google eyes that I found at the craft store I was able to give the monster raised eyes.  I trimmed the fur around the eyes so that you could see them better.  I used red and white felt to create the mouth and the teeth.  I attached everything using a hot glue gun.

It has become a fun little "treasure" box for Bug-A-Boo.

One of the last items was a bank book and vault key for her vault at Gringotts Wizarding Bank.  I found the key at Michael's and created the tags with the vault number.

Using Microsoft Word I created the bank book.  I printed the poem from the books on the inside page and then using Microsoft Excel I created the ledger.

Also in the trunk were some other goodies that would be used as favors at her party...A Chocolate Frog from Universal Studios Orlando, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Acid Pop, Fizzing Whizzbees, Extendable Ears, Weasley's Wonderous Wands and Harry Potter glasses.

Another big component to the trunk was the addition of the Potions Box.  I'll cover that in another post.

If you would like to purchase the digital files to create your own Gringott's bank book for $8.00 you can PayPal me at kellyldriver@yahoo.com.

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