Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Brownie Meeting 8: Be a Philanthropist

Meeting at a Glance 

Goal: Girls know how to make the world a better place by being Philanthropists. 
Toward the Award: Earn the Philanthropist badge 
See Brownie Supply Schedule

Pre-Meeting (15 min)
  • Greet, sign-in, and put on nametags. 
  • Start cutting out pictures of needs and wants from magazines.

Snack time (Snacks, Step #2) (10 min)

Opening (5 min)
-  Flag Ceremony
-  Gather and greet each other with the Girl Scout handshake. 

Business (10 min)
-In the Girl Scout Brownie Ring, review rules, assign kapers.
-“Today we are going to learn about what it means to make the world a better place by being Philanthropists.  Does anyone know what a Philanthropist is?  That is just a big word for someone who makes sure people have what they need."

Activity/Exploration (50 min)
  • Create a “need” and “want” poster. (Philanthropist, Steps #1) 

  • Talk to the girls about how the food bank helps people get food, how second hand shops like Goodwill help people get clothes, go through the Disaster Preparedness Coloring Books to learn how to help in times of emergency. (Philanthropist, Steps #2, #3, &#4)

  • Talk to the girls about and start our “Penny Bank”.  The girls can collect pennies for a cause they care about.

  • Collect Thanksgiving food to be delivered to the Hilliard Food Bank (Philanthropist, Step #5)
    • mashed potato mix
    • canned corn, carrots or green beans
    • biscuit mix
    • canned yams
    • canned cranberry sauce
    • stuffing mix
    • canned pie filling

Clean-up (10 min)
-  ALL girls should participate! Remind girls of kapers and work together to leave the site better than you found it .
  • The Out Scout should be rotating the names on the Kaper Chart to see who will bring the snack and beverage for the next meeting. 

Closing (5 min)
  • Form a Friendship Circle and ask the girls to think of other ways that they can make the world a better place. Encourage the girls to share these ideas with their families. 
  • Talk to the girls about the Cookie Exchange on December 18th.
  • Hand out the Philanthropist badge. 
-  Sing a song, and do a friendship squeeze.

-  Collect nametags and sign-out. 

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