Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Brownie Meeting 3: Be Prepared

Meeting at a Glance 

Goal: Girls know how to be prepared at home and away from home
Toward the Award: First Aid, Girl Scout Way, Safety Award and Snacks
See Brownie Supply Schedule 

Pre-Meeting (15 min)
-Greet, sign-in, and put on name tags.  Have parents sign up to bring first aid kit supplies

-Max & Ruby First Aid coloring sheet 

-Ask girls what they did to be helpful at school or home since your last meeting. 

Snack Time (Snacks, Step #2) (10 min)

Opening (5 min)
-  Flag Ceremony
-  Brownie Ring
-  Gather and greet each other with the Girl Scout handshake 
-  Recite the Girl Scout Law 

Business (10 min)
  • Take attendance and collect dues. Go over everyone’s kapers for today, review rules, if necessary.
  • Talk about the Skill Building Badge form and the Legacy Badge Make Up Form
  • If anyone has a Skill Building Badge or Legacy Badge form they can present here.
-  While in the Brownie Ring, review the Girl Scout Motto “Be Prepared.” Ask the girls how they might be able to help the troop or their family be better prepared for the power going out, or bad weather, or a long trip. What other situations should girls be prepared for? 

Activity/Exploration (50 min)
  • What types of clothes are needed for each type of weather? Let the girls share their “Dressing for the Weather” activity. 
  • Being prepared at home is very important. Review with the girls the Emergency Who’s Who card and ask them to talk to a family member about who to call in case of emergency. If you have time, have the girls practice making pretend phone calls. One person can be the emergency operator and another person can pretend to make the phone call. Working with your Girl Scout Brownies with this information reinforces reading skills and ensures that girls know their address and family telephone numbers. Make sure you have this information on-hand for girls who may not be sure. Have the girls follow the emergency guide on the activity sheet. (First Aid, Step #1)
  • Hand out and talk about the American Red Cross coloring book, “Be Ready”. (Safety Award, Step #5)

  • Something Girl Scouts have always made to help them be prepared is a Sit-upon (instructions included in the following pages). Girl Scouts make sit-upons to use when the ground is damp or too hot or cold, or they want to keep their clothes clean. Today we are going to make a sit-upon to use at troop meetings, or other Girl Scout get-togethers.   If we can’t finish the girls can finish at home and bring to the next meeting.  (Girl Scout Way, Step #5)

Clean-up (10 min)
  • ALL girls should participate! Remind girls of kapers and work together to leave the site better than you found it. (Girl Scout Way, Step #4)
  • The Out Scout should be rotating the names on the Kaper Chart to see who will bring the snack and beverage for the next meeting. 

Closing (5 min)
  • Form a Friendship Circle
  • Tell the girls who will take the snack box home.
  • Show and Tell
  • Talk to the girls about making a First Aid Kit for the troop at the next meeting.  Remind parents to sign up for items
  • Sing “Goodbye Brownies” 
-  Announce any final reminders or comments and complete the friendship squeeze. 
-  Collect nametags and sign-out. 

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