Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Brownie Meeting 5: Celebrate Community and Planning the Investiture/Rededication Ceremony

Meeting at a Glance 

Goal: Girls will learn about their community
Toward the Award: Snacks, Celebrating Community, Fair Play
See Brownie Supply Schedule

Pre-Meeting (15 min)
-Greet, sign-in, and put on nametags 
-State and City coloring sheets.

Ohio State bird and flower

our city symbol

-Be playing the national songs while arriving.

Opening (5 min)
-  Flag Ceremony
-  Brownie Ring

Business (10 min)
  • Take attendance and collect dues. Discuss any old or future business such as collecting permission slips, special fees, etc. 
  • Talk about the Investiture/Rededication Ceremony next meeting.(NOTE: An investiture is a ceremony to officially welcome a girl or adult into Girl Scouting for the first time. Girls or adults who have been Girl Scouts before will rededicate their commitment to Girl Scouting by renewing the Girl Scout Promise.) Girls who have been Girl Scouts before will be rededicating their commitment to the Girl Scout Promise and Law at the ceremony. 
  • Talk about the Skill Building Badge form and the Legacy Badge Make Up Form
  • If anyone has a Skill Building Badge or Legacy Badge form they can present here.
Activity/Exploration (50 min)
  • Talk about national songs.  America the Beautiful, My Country Tis of Thee and God Bless America.  Play the songs for the girls and have them march around the room. (Celebrating Community, Step #2 & #3)
  •  Talk about symbols and how they mean something special.  For example, the American Flag is a symbol that shows we are proud of our country.  Have a coloring sheet of our State’s (Cardinal & Carnation) and Town’s Symbols (Sunflower).  Have the girls get their GGGS books and turn to page 29.  Talk to the girls about Troop Crests.  Have the troop vote on a Troop Crest. (Celebrating Community, Step #1).  There are 16 different Troop Crests and we did not want to give the girls to many choices so each of the members of the Leadership Team chose one crest based on how it represented our girls and Troop.  We chose the following:  
    • Shooting Star:  rare, unexpected and beautiful
    • Crane:  strength, grace and honor
    • Lei:  friendship, love and peace

I created this chart but I covered up the pictures of the badges so that the girls would not choose based on the picture but solely on the attributes that each one represents.  The girls voted and unanimously voted for Choice #3:  Friendship, love and peace...the Lei.
  • Make a banner with the Troop Crest and Troop number to be used for our Investiture Ceremony.  (Celebrating Community, Step #5).  I had printed out large pictures of each of the crests to be used on the banner.  The one that they chose was added to the banner.

  • Have a Halloween Field Day.  Play the Star Spangled Banner National Anthem before starting.  Have a relay race.  Split the girls into 2 teams.  Have a Spider Relay Race (basically race walking like a “spider-crab”),  Mummy Wrap (wrap partner up in toilet paper), and Witch’s Stew Game (2 bowls, a straw for each girl, 9 Halloween shapes) (Fair Play, Step #5)
Spider Relay Race

Mummy Wrap

Mummy Wrap

Witches Brew

Witches Brew

Clean-up (10 min)
  • ALL girls should participate! Remind girls of kapers and work together to leave the site better than you found it. 
  • The Out Scout should be rotating the names on the Kaper Chart to see who will bring the snack and beverage for the next meeting. 

Closing (5 min)
-  Form a Friendship Circle. Announce any final reminders or comments 
  • Remind girls that there will be no snack next meeting because the leaders will be providing goodies for Juliette Low’s birthday and our Investiture Ceremony.
  • There will be a Troop Outing on Saturday, October 25, 2014 at Credit Union of Ohio in Hilliard for the GSOH Money Manager Badge.  This will help us to complete Money Manager Financial Literacy Badge.  The is a $3.00 fee, which the troop will pay for.  
  • Remind girls (and parents) of the upcoming Investiture Ceremony and do the Friendship Squeeze 

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