Monday, April 20, 2015

Daisy Meeting 5: Investiture Ceremony

A Girl Scout Investiture Ceremony welcomes new girls and adults into the Girl Scouting program.  It is held anytime persons joins the organization.  A person is invested only once in their lifetime.  After that they are rededicated.  We kept our Investiture Ceremony pretty simple.

Meeting 4: Responsible for What I Say and Do and Investiture Ceremony
Meeting at a Glance

Goal: Girls know how to be courageous and strong, families are introduced to Girl Scout
Daisies, and families celebrate with girls are they are officially welcomed in Girl Scouts.

o Nametags
o Pen and sign-in/sign-out sheet
o Girl Scout Daisy, The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting
o Girl Scout Daisy membership pins, Girl Scout Daisy Promise Center and earning
Learning petals
o Paper, crayons, markers

Prepare Ahead:
o Purchase Girl Scout Daisy membership pins, Girl Scout Daisy Petal set, and the
Journey Patch Set
o Sort petals and awards into individual bags
o Arrange and set-up your ceremony site, including seating for family members,

Greet, sign-in, and put on nametags

Welcome families and guests. Explain that they have been invited to learn about what
Girl Scout Daisies do at troop meetings and to celebrate their becoming full members in
an Investiture Ceremony.

Girls form a semi-circle, facing families and greet each other with the Girl Scout

Share general information about how you open meetings and the Girl Scout Promise
before girls say the Promise.

Sing “Make New Friends.”

Have the girls sit in the Girl Scout Daisy Circle and explain that this is their business and
planning time to share ideas, make decisions, and talk as a group.

Show how girls have learned the quiet sign, the list of rules they developed, and how
kapers are done.

Explain that is now time to explore the theme. Share how the girls are learning the Girl
Scout Law through their Flower Friends. Have the girls say the Law through “considerate
and caring.”

Talk about your Mini-Garden and how it is responsibility to keep a garden going.  (This also complete Journey Session 2)

Read Mari's Story, for Responsible for What I Say and Do.  (This also completes Journey Session 3)

Investiture Ceremony
Gather girls to form a semi-circle facing family members.

Explain that an Investiture Ceremony is used to welcome a new girl or adult in Girl Scouts
and they only go through an investiture once in their lifetime. Girls who are already
invested are “rededicated.”

Explain that Girl Scouting was started by a woman named Juliette Gordon Low over 100
years ago and the girls want to share an action story to help families know about her too.

Do the “How Girl Scouts Got Started” Action Story.

Say, “You are about to become a Girl Scout Daisy. Together we will explore all the fun and
adventure of Girl Scouting.”

Say, “The Girl Scout Promise is the pledge that tells us how to live our lives and it is
represented by the center of the Daisy.” Lead the girls in saying the Girl Scout Promise.

Give each girl the Girl Scout membership pin and welcome them with a Girl Scout

Girls sing “Girl Scout Daisy Song” or “I’m a Little Daisy.”

Give the girls their Promise Center, light blue (honest and fair) petal, Making Choices, Count It Up, Money Counts, Talk It Up leaves and the Journey Patch with the Watering Can badge and certificate.

Thank families for attending and let them know that refreshments will be served now.

Remind girls of kapers and work together to leave the site better than you found it.

Form a Friendship Circle with family members.

Sing, “Goodbye, Daisies,” and do a friendship squeeze.

Collect nametags and sign-out.