Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Brownie Meeting 7: Girl Planning

Meeting at a Glance 

Goal: Girls work together to decide what the rest of their Girl Scout year will look like. 
Toward the Award
See Brownie Supply Schedule 

Pre-Meeting (15 min)
  • Greet, sign-in, and put on nametags. 
  • Draw or write what you did today from the back of the GGGS.

Snack Time (Snacks, Step #2) (10 min)

Opening (5 min)
-  Flag Ceremony
-  Brownie Ring – Sing “We Are Brownies”. 

Business (10 min)
  • While in the Brownie Ring, take attendance and collect dues.  Discuss any old and future business such as collecting permission slips, special fees, etc. 
  • Talk about the Skill Building Badge form and the Legacy Badge Make Up Form
  • If anyone has a Skill Building Badge or Legacy Badge form they can present here.

Activity/Exploration (50 min)
  • Read How Brownie Got Their Name 
  • Have the girls get their GGGS and turn to page 6 under the Handbook tab.   Go through it with the girls.
  • Troop Activity Chain: Today, girls will be deciding the direction they would like the troop to progress in. Are they interested in Journeys? Field Trips? Selling Cookies? Skill Building Badges? Do they want to go camping? Do they want to help others (community service)? Arts and crafts? Learn to canoe? The choices are endless and they should help decide where to go from here. 

  • Using the GGGS pages 8-9 under the Handbook Tab have the girls brainstorm a list of activities that they can choose from in addition to thinking of a new idea. This will help them feel more confident in the activity and complete the next part successfully. 
  • Once you have completed the group brainstorming, give each girl several activity strips to complete. Tell girls to write an activity that they would like to do during the troop year on each strip. Have girls decorate the strips. The leader can also make activity strips. After about 20 minutes, tell girls it is time to make the troop activity chain. The leader should staple the first strip, forming a circle, to the trefoil. Insert the second strip through the first and staple it into a circle. Continue to add strips forming a chain until all have been attached. 
  • Now call girls back to the Brownie Ring. Take the activity chain and spread it around the circle. Let girls read the activity strips in front of them out loud 
  • After all the activity strips have been read, talk about the activities that were mentioned most often. Have the girls choose several activities that they would like to do most. When would they like to do them? Look through the GGGS and Journeys to see which badges/patches these activities relate to. 
  • Let girls look at some of the projects available; is there one that they would really like to try? Add the ones that interest them to the troop goal list. Help girls prioritize the list into the top 5 (five) activities. Talk about when during the year the girls would like to do the activities. 
-  Explain to girls that this troop goal list will become the “map” for their Girl Scout Brownie year. Assure them that they can re-do the goals at any time. 

Clean-up (10 min)
  • ALL girls should participate! Remind the girls of kapers and how working together to leave the site better than you found it. 
  • The Out Scout should be rotating the names on the Kaper Chart to see who will bring the snack and beverage for the next meeting. 

Closing (5 min)
-  Form a Friendship Circle to end meeting. 
  • Tell girls who will bring snack next time.
  • Tell the girls about our project next week regarding needs and wants.  Have them cut pictures out of magazines, bring photos, print picture off the internet or draw pictures of 3 things they need and 3 things they want.  Also, mention the “Penny Bank” and have the girls bring in any pennies they may have.
  • friendship squeeze. 

*This would be a good meeting to have a parent iron-on session.

We are Brownies
Tune: "Are You Sleeping?"

We are Brownies, we are Brownies,
In a ring, in a ring.
We are Girl Scout Brownies, we are Girl Scout Brownies
Hear us sing, hear us sing.

We discover, we discover
Things to do, things to do.
We are ready helpers, we are ready helpers.
How about you, how about you? (point)

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