Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Brownie Outing: Heritage Day - Celebrating Community Legacy Badge Step 4

In order to complete Step #4 of our Celebrating Community Legacy Badge we visited Weaver Village for Heritage Day.  Step #4 is Be a Landmark detective and we chose to tour a landmark that honors the past.  We were to visit a historic landmark, such as the place where a leader was born or an old battleground.  Or visit a historical society or museum.  

At the Historical Village at Weaver Park you step back into the 1800s and experience what life was like as you tour the historical village. See basket weaving, a blacksmith, caning, live entertainment, food and more!

This was a family event that everyone was welcome to.

For any girl unable to attend and who wants to earn the badge, they will need to work with their parents at home to complete Step #4, which is visiting a community landmark (ie. Historical Weaver Village, First Responders Park, etc.)  

It was such a great day!

ringing the school bell
At the School House
writing with old fashioned pen and ink
writing with old fashioned pen and ink
Making a tin plate decoration

Tin Plate decoration

Making rope

Making rope 

Meeting President Lincoln

Sack races

Learning about how people lived int he 1800s

train ride

the blacksmith

making candles

a birthday cake candle
The girls even made our local paper.  Front page!!!

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