Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Brownie Outing: Bugs Skill Building Badge

Our area has an amazing Metro Parks System and I found a wonderful program that would help to satisfy all of the requirements for the Bugs Skill Building Badge.

During the Monarchs to Mexico program the girls learned the perils of monarch migration and how you can help their population recover.
The Steps of the badge are:

Step 1:  Draw a bug poster
The three suggestions were
  1. Talk to a bug specialist in your town or community
  2. With an adult's help, find websites about your bug.
  3. Read a book or watch a video about your bug.
We chose #1 and did this by speaking to the bug naturalist at the park who was running the program we also had a coloring sheet of the parts of a butterfly.

Step 2:  Tray a bug craft

I had a kit to make a s'mores butterfly from Oriental Trading that the girls made.

Step 3:  See bugs in action
We were able to see different butterfly life cycles in action at the park

several crysalis ready to hatch

The girls got to play a migration game and the kids will get to see some Monarchs up close.

Step 4:  Explore bug homes
We were able to see butterfly habitats at the park and I gave the girls a coloring sheet of the butterfly lifecycle.

Step 5:  Take a bug field trip
We visited the metro park and participated in the Monarchs to Mexico program.  We had a great time.

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