Monday, April 20, 2015

Daisy Meeting 9: Respect Authority and Safety Award Field Trip

For this meeting I arranged for a tour of a local Fire Station House.  I filled out the required form and let them know that we needed the Fire Fighters to cover certain topics in order for them to earn their Safety Award.

We had the families meet at the Fire Station at our normal meeting time and made a Field Trip out of it.

Meeting 9: Respect Authority and Safety AwardField Trip
Meeting at a Glance

Goal: Girls know how to respect authority. and how to stay safe

Toward the Award: Earn the Respect Authority petal and Safety Award

Prepare Ahead:
o Plan a field trip to visit the Fire Station to learn about the rules to follow and why
they are important.

Greet, sign-in, and collect completed permission forms, if applicable

Ask the girls to say their address and phone number.

In the Girl Scout Daisy Circle, review field trip rules.

“Today we are going to learn about what it means to respect authority and how to stay safe.”

Go on a tour of the Fire Station

Have the Fire Fighters talk about fire safety and why you need to follow or respect the rules of fire safety and fire fighters.

Have the Fire Fighters go through the steps of the Safety Award:  
1.  Know what to do if you get lost and who it's safe to ask for help.
2.  Find out what you should do if you or a friend is choking.
3.  Learn how to do "Stop, Drop, and Roll" if your clothing catches fire.


Remind the girls of kapers and work together to leave the site better than you found it.

Congratulate the girls for earning the Gerri, Respect Authority petal and Safety Award.

Have the girls use the Gerri, Respect Authority petal sticker and awards long in their Girl’s

Explain what will happen at the next meeting.

Form a Friendship Circle, sing “Goodbye, Daisies,” and do a friendship squeeze.

Collect nametags and sign-out.

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