Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Brownie Parent Information Letter

After each meeting I create a Parent Information Letter that let's our families know what the girls are doing at the meeting, if there is a weekend outing and what they will be doing at the next meeting.  I post them in the Files section of our Troop Facebook page.

Meeting Details - What we did on 8/21/14
  • As the girls arrived they made name tags. 
  • The girls enjoyed a Savory snack that was provided by Sydney and refreshing lemonade provided by Grace.  The recipe is in their binders.
  • We taught the girls about the Brownie Quiet Sign and reminded the girls what the Girl Scout sign represents.
  • We said the Pledge of Allegiance and the Girl Scout Promise.
  • We taught the girls the Girl Scout Handshake and introduced ourselves.
  • We played a game of “Jump In, Jump Out” to help us remember everyone’s names and to share what we would like to do this year as Brownies.   This helped them to complete Step #3 of the Making Friends skill badge.
  • Introduced the Kaper Chart - girls will rotate jobs each meeting.
  • Went over the rules of our meeting place and drew up our own Troop Code of Conduct.  
    • While creating Code of Conduct, Mandy and the girls discussed “words that hurt” and “nice words” to use when a disagreement happens and how to treat others the way they would like to be treated.  This helped them to complete Step #4 of their Making Friends skill badge.
  • We had a fun game of “Brownie Says” .  The girls were really good at it!  This helped them complete Step #1 of the Fair Play Legacy Badge.
  • We practiced the Girl Scout Handshake and showed the girls how to properly introduce themselves by shaking hands, saying their name and something about themselves.  This completed Step #1 and #5 of the Making Friends skill badge.
  • Tara spoke with the girls about foods and snacks that are good for them.   This completed Step #1 of the Snacks Legacy Badge.
    • She also explained to the girls what a Savory Snack is since we will be focusing on Savory Snacks between now and December.  Please refer to page 4 of the Snacks handout in the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting for instructions regarding the Savory Snacks.
    • The girls learned what a recipe is and that they will need to provide one for each girl when it is their turn to bring the snack.
  • The girls cleaned up while listening to a traditional Girl Scout song, “On My Honor”.
  • We closed with our Friendship Circle.

Badges Worked Toward
  • ALL GIRLS PRESENT - Fair Play, Snacks, Girl Scout Way and Making Friend
Next Meeting - 9/4/14

  • In order to complete the entire Making Friends skill badge the girls were assigned a partner that they need to make something for.  It can be something as simple as a drawing or a picture that they have colored, an art piece, card or whatever they would like to make.  They must bring it to the meeting on 9/4/14.  Your daughter was given an index card at the meeting.  On the card is the name of the girl they are to make the gift for.
  • We will have ironing boards and irons at our meeting in case you would like to come and do some badge placement.
  • Kendall will bring the Savory Snack, Sydney will bring the beverage and Addy will bring a Show-and-Tell item. 

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